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Surprise Someone Special

I’m a giver.

I get more excited watching someone open a present on Christmas morning, than unwrapping one myself. The look on someone’s face when they open a gift that I put serious thought and effort into buying/making is incomparable. Other people’s joy brings me joy, and it has for as long as I can remember.

That’s why I love surprising people. Pulling off the ultimate surprise is one of the few times you will see pure and raw emotion pour out of a person. They are in such a state of shock, that they aren’t capable of controlling themselves.

On my five year wedding anniversary I surprised my wife with a trip to Belgium. It was a pretty elaborate surprise that took a lot of planning. I contacted her boss and booked her the time off of work without her knowing, I booked the hotel and plane tickets and arranged for someone to look after our house while we were gone.

On the morning we were supposed to leave the country, my wife thought she was just getting ready to leave for work. That’s when I hit her with the ultimate surprise.

Watching her reaction made it all worthwhile.

Definitely one of those MasterCard moments.

Your Comic Flix Fix

With the leak of the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer last week, I have been foaming at the mouth just waiting for it to come out.

Well it appears that the comic book movie industry is planning on have audiences every wear foaming until AT LEAST the year 2020.

Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers, Fox and Sony have all their movies planned up until 2020. Well not all the movies even have titles; there has been a lot of buzz about what all the different stories could be.

It appears Sony continues it’s plan to make a mark on the comic book movie universe by releasing movies based on villains from the Spiderman universe such as, the Sinister Six and Vemon. Hopefully Sony can pull out of it’s downward spiral caused by its disappointing release of The Amazing Spiderman 2 earlier this year

While it’s not surprising that Warner Bros. is working on a Justice League film, it is interesting that it apparently has two parts. Warner Bros. also has an untitled Surperman movie staring Henry Cavil in the titular roll, and an untitled Batman movie starting Ben Affleck.

There is just so many of these movies coming out it’s hard to talk about them all, but you can check out the whole list by clicking on handy info-graphic below!


Luke Daniels


Keep it Classy, Halloweeners

More often than not, there’s always one person at the Halloween party dressed up in a super topical, usually offensive, and always poorly thought out Halloween costume.

This year, I’m begging you, don’t be that person.

Here’s a couple of how-to’s on how not to be that person.

a) Racism sucks. Everything about it sucks. There’s a whole treasure chest of complex emotions and attitudes towards racial relations and skin colour in general. So, STAY AWAY FROM IT. Black face, brown face, white face, or anything like that is a strict no-go. You’re not being funny or cool. You’re being an inconsiderate a-hole to your friends. You might not understand why they get offended (if you don’t, check yourself), but that’s not the point. It hurts people’s feelings, so just don’t do it.

b) Your little ‘costume’ might be another person’s culture. Dressing up as an Aboriginal, or an East Indian, or something else that you find ‘exotic’ doesn’t work well as a costume. It’s someone else’s real life, and they probably won’t take it lightly that you’ve taken someone’s cultural identity and used it to wear to your cousin’s lame Halloween social at the Green Brier. Be more original, and find something that doesn’t tap into someone else’s roots or sense of identity.

c) Topical issues are hilarious, unless they’re not. Going as Brian Bowman or Michel Fillion might get you great laughs this year. It’s topical, and people will relate. I don’t think that dressing up as Ray Rice or Jian Ghomeshi is in your best interest though. Those stories are just too ugly, they involve physical and sexual assault, and you’d be better off staying away from it. People’s opinions are strong on those subjects, so don’t be surprised if you get punched in the face at least once during the night. The really sad part too, is that you’ll have deserved it.

d) EVERYONE is going to try to do something ebola related. It’s hack. Don’t do it, unless you want to be one of the 40 guys in HazMat suits standing by the bar wondering why no one’s laughing.

So remember, keep it classy, and stick to the classics. Being funny is one thing, but the holiday is supposed to be scary, so go with what you know: a butcher knife sticking out of your back, blood pouring from a pussing wound in your jugular, or just walk around in normal attire holding a severed head.

Don’t forget what the holiday of Halloween was meant to be: a terrifying display of nauseating blood-soaked violence.

Happy Halloween!



OK Go does it again

I’m not going to lie, I’m not one to gush about viral videos. But OK Go’s latest offering once again shows that these guys are the best in the biz at creating creative, addictive, and engaging content.

It starts off unassumingly simple enough with the band wearing suits and taking their places on these super cool Segway-esque-motorized-chair-robots (that’s the most accurate description I could think of), and doing a choreographed routine. Ok, cool. It’s neat – but I’ve seen this before from OK Go. Where’s the good stuff??

Don’t worry, it gets CRAZY. With the help of a drone helicopter, the camera launches into the sky to give an amazing ariel view. Hundreds of extras start pulling out umbrellas to mess with your mind. The result? Spectacular.

The video was shot at half-speed – which means the band (and all of the extras) were listening to the song at half of the normal speed while filming to hit all of the intricate movements. Then they sped the clip up to normal speed in post to create the illusion of them doing it live.

They take advantage of this technique for the final ending scene. I won’t spoil it, but I’m just going to say that it completely blew my mind.

Watch the video here:



First of all, I apologize for the title of this blog post but I just had to do it.

Jian Ghomeshi got fired by the CBC yesterday. He was the host of the “Q” radio show. It’s all spectacle at the moment but the reason for his dismissal revolved around his sexual behaviour and how it apparently wasn’t befitting of a CBC radio host.

My take on all of this? We don’t know all of the facts yet. Browsing through various media such as Twitter and various website, it was very apparent that people took sides without many established facts. Jian spoke out in his defense and said that he was going to sue CBC for $50 million dollars. CBC hasn’t said much besides the fact that his behaviour is unacceptable.

I believe CBC will have a PR nightmare on their hands and that Ghomeshi is putting all of his eggs into winning this lawsuit. Both have to be careful how they approach the next few weeks. Sure, the CBC can lose some money if they don’t fare well in the court case but I’m sure they will recover. Ghomeshi on the other hand can win a lot less (assuming he wins) than the $50 million he is suing for. If he loses or doesn’t get a substantial amount, he could easily find himself looking for different type of work.

When it comes to media, reputation is everything. More so, I believe it will affect Ghomeshi more than the CBC. The damage tends to stain a personality more than a corporation unless it’s something really bad.

For now, I’m choosing to bide my time and see how this unfolds. I’d like to see the facts than take either side at their story. I don’t doubt that Ghomeshi has sex in his spare time but how serious is the case anyway? The women that accused him could be doing it for the money or they could be victims. We DON’T know yet, so please don’t fuel my rage further and start making up facts to support false theories.

Here is a recap by TomoNews US complete with animations.

I’ll be on tonight from 6-8 p.m. Tune in and keep me company.

A Week of Scary Movies

This week is the best week of the year for scary movies, so I’ll give you my Pop Culture Cornucopia picks for a different scary movie each day to get you through to All Hallows Ween.

1 – Silence of the Lambs
Jonathan Demme’s thriller is a classic that needs no introduction. Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter, Ted Levine creeps everyone out as Buffalo Bill.

Continue reading

Oh, you grew up with a lion?

Imagine, if your beloved childhood pet was a lion? That’s right, ol’ Spot over there wasn’t a Beagle, he was a full-fledged lion.

Actress Melanie Griffith grew up with a pet lion. WHO KNEW? Not this kid, but I didn’t believe it until I saw this BuzzFeed list. That’s right there are countless photos of a teenage Melanie Griffith just chilling with a lion. For example, she’s hanging out with it in a pool, opening the fridge to show him the good snacks and even taking a nap. Of course, they named the lion Neil.

Stay tuned from 6 to 8 when I talk about more bizarre business, just in time for Halloween!



Destination: Halloween

Any ideas for your Halloween night? Leave the Trick or Treatin’ to the kids. You should check these out instead.

Six Pines, Winnipeg


If train rides or house hauntings aren’t your thing, the  may satiate your Halloween spirit. They are featuring Alice in Zombieland (a fairy tale gone horribly wrong), and a slew of creepy clowns in CarnEvil.


Deer Meadow Farms, Winnipeg

No, it is not the same Forbidden Forest near Hogwarts but you get to ride a wagon to its gates.


Manitoba Marine Museum, Selkirk

Historical and nautical can be something horrific as this true-to-life Moby Dick story. If you spot Davy Jones in the S. S. Keenora or any of the fleets, let me know. He totally forgot to sign his photo.


Riding Mountain National Park

It is free to be attacked by clowns and you are free to enter the Attack of the Clowns.


The Double Spurs Haunted House, Dugald

Pirates and vampires and clowns (more clowns), oh my! And an execution chamber? The rooms in this house are loosely based on adventure/horror/supernatural films. It is not just the themes Unique Events Inc. copied, but they also took the exact props from the films themselves. Think Temple of Doom, The Exorcist, and The Fog, then put it all together in one 32,000-square-feet hunk of horrors.


Willing to go the distance?

Nightmares Fear Factory, Niagara Falls

It’s the oldest and most popular haunted house in Canada. There is a reason. All you need to do is follow the red dot of light. You’ll be walking in the dark in the entire labyrinth until a creepy, shocking, scary thing jumps out of nowhere… and it’s all captured by a camera.

You know, this could be you:


There And Back Again…On Air New Zealand

I’ll admit something: I can be a bit of a nerd sometimes.


I’m pretty into following the comics, especially with the resurgence in interest caused by the Marvel movies.


I am also a long time fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Middle Eart world, with all those hobbits and elves and whatnot. Reading the Lord of the Rings books was my first taste of something that was not written for young adults, as I moved on from reading the Screechowls and Goosebumps to reading about how Frodo and his fellowship went on their quest to destroy the one ring.


If your only experience with Tolkien’s works is from the Lord of the Rings movies or from the recent adaptation of The Hobbit, you should still be able to appreciate “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made” that Air New Zealand posted a couple days ago. The video, which is shown on their flights, is inspired by and featuring Middle Earth, with star Elijah Wood and director Peter Jackson involved in production.


Not that I love flying on planes, but this video is fantastic, and much better than any of the other low-budget efforts you might see. Glad to see that Air New Zealand is embracing the fact that their beautiful country has become a destination for many tourists, who seek to see what Middle Earth looks like, as much of the movies are filmed in the country.

Winnipeg’s New Mayor

Yesterday Winnipeggers hit the poles and voted to elect a new mayor and last night Brian Bowman won by a surprise landslide.

Bowman is Winnipeg’s first new mayor in ten years. My entire adult life in Winnipeg has been under the rule of Sam Katz, and if you’re like me, you’re simply excited to have someone new running this awesome town, regardless of who it is.

Well actually I do care who it is, and you should too. This is the first election I’ve taken interest in, and I’ve spent time researching the candidates and their proposals. I suppose I’ve come to a point where I recognize parts of Winnipeg that I don’t like, and rather than just complain about them, I can take action by voting.

I wish I had come to this conclusion earlier in my life, but it’s difficult. It’s hard to spark a fire of political interest in young adults. I was exposed to plenty of messages encouraging young people to get politically active and it didn’t have much effect. I wish I had known that young people have an unheard voice in politics. We go unrecognized and many politicians don’t give us the time of day. Maybe if they did we’d speak up.

Bowman wasn’t my first choice, but I can’t wait to see what he brings to table. This morning he stopped by the Free Press Café to speak with Dan Lett and he explained that his first order of business is to find a new CAO and establish an open and transparent culture at city hall.

Check out the video below to hear all he had to say.

Brian Bowman at Free Press Cafe