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Only in Winnipeg: Skating on a River

Picture this: it’s the middle of January, Christmas is all but over and gone, your wallet is light after the holidays, and it’s -35 in the sun. This can only mean one thing – the Red River Mutual Trail at the Forks is finally open!

See? Winter doesn’t have to be that bad. Us Winnipeggers have cracked the code to enjoying the frosty days in the dead of winter. Drive a Zamboni straight down the Assiniboine River and call it a tourist attraction.

I personally love getting out there, even though I can barely skate. It’s something about just experiencing something that is truly unique to Winnipeg, and really, the world. It’s fun with friends, fun with family, and has to be one of the best date spots in the city.

Ok, enough gushing.

The Forks released some of the winning designs for 2015’s warm-up huts along the trail. Every year, the trail gets submissions from architecture firms from around the world. Last year had a memorable neon green hut, and this year we get some equally cool submissions, including a pseudo-invisible hut from the University of Manitoba that is covered in mirrors to give the illusion of a cloaked structure. And of course, RAW:almond returns to the river this year with its pop-up restaurant, right on the ice.

You can check out some pictures, via the Winnipeg Free Press, of the warm-up huts that have been revealed so far right here:


The Best Holiday Movies

As the last week of classes is upon me, I can’t stop thinking about the holidays. Now I can be pretty cynical when it comes to the holidays. The same old songs you hear every year, the streets are filled with crazed idiot shoppers, and everyone is so concerned with being jolly they are actually grumpy.

Good thing there is holiday movies we all can rely on. There is a great holiday movies, but I have three movies that no matter what I watch every holiday season. Take a look at these gems.

1. Love Actually

A romantic comedy that packs a pretty big punch on the comedy side of things. It interweaves lots of different stories together through the Christmas season. It also teaches us that not all Love is on equal terms.

2. Jingle All The Way

It’s a Christmas movie with Arnold Schwarzengger. What more do you need?

3. 8 Crazy Nights

This was definitely a weird one, Adam Sandler in cartoon form is not someting you will see that often.

Milt Stegall the NOTT Auto Beagle…. (by Jordan Welwood)


Winnipeg Blue Bomber great Milt Stegall a.k.a. The Touchdown Beagle, a.k.a. the turtle man has officially sold out. Or has he?


Milt has recently lent his celebrity to a local automotive dealership Nott Autocorp for a commercial.


The video features the CFL superstar working out and training in all his shredded glory. His exercise is intercut with shots of him peeling out in an Audi sportscar.


Doing local auto commercials would normally be a embarrassing or low end thing for someone of his status to stoop to. I will remind you of the cheesy used car lot and polyester suit ads of the 1980’s.


Milt chose wisely in this case, because the production value of the NOTT commercial comes off more like an Under Armour, or Nike Ad you would see in the states. High rest dynamic shots of the vehicle, mixed in with Milt (who is still crushing it in retirement) keep the whole thing from being embarrassing.


Big time CFL stars rarely tend to get featured in big time Ads, and it would seem the ones who do get cursed to some degree.


Kerry Joesph starred in a handful of Futureshop commercials coming off his Grey Cup win in 2007. He went on to stink it up that season then bounced around the league as a back up for the rest of his career.


Jesse Lumsden was in a host of different ads which only managed to increase his hype. The Running back was a band aid on the field, and ended up trying his hat at bobsledding….


Milt however has already accrued his glory, and should feel free to sell his likeness to the highest bidder if he wants. So long as he stays clear of the polyester suits.

Have You Ever Had To Say Goodbye For Good?

I grew up in a house full of animals.

For whatever reason, stray cats would always end up wandering into our yard. My mom, being the animal lover that she is, couldn’t resist feeding them and would usually end up letting them into our house. It would drive my old man bonkers at first, but after a few days he would resign himself to the fact that he had yet another furry mouth to feed.

At one point we had six cats and two dogs living with us inside a tiny bungalow in East Kildonan.

I can’t remember how old I was when I had to say goodbye to my first dog. I was old enough to remember the experience, but too young to understand what was really happening.

As I got older, it became harder and harder to let go.

People who have never owned an animal can’t really identify with what it’s like to lose one, which is why I posted the video below.

Making the decision to euthanize your pet can be pretty heart wrenching, especially if you’ve spent several years bonding with them. What this video teaches us is just how humane the situation really is. If an animal is in pain and no amount of treatment can relieve them from that pain, it is our responsibility as pet owners to put an end to their suffering.

You can see how the man in this video is struggling with his decision. Eventually, he comes to the understanding that he was only keeping his dog alive because he couldn’t bring himself to let go.

It’s definitely hard to say goodbye to a loved one, human or animal.


My Cat Is Up to Something…

I’ve long suspected one of my cats of hating me and planning my doom. I have one cat named Otis, and he’s legit. He’s my boy, and we chill all night, and get along famously. But I also have a cat named Patrick.

Patrick isn’t a huge fan of me, or my work. Each morning he walks all over me, and not the way that a cat can lightly tread, no. He puts pressure into his paw and digs it right into my ribs, so that I have to wake up. He’s doing this to slowly drive me insane from sleep deprivation.

Also, I think he’s secretly trying to recruit Otis to do dastardly deeds to me in my sleep. My cat language comprehension isn’t that great, but I’m pretty sure Patrick’s telling Otis that I’m really just one giant can of Turkey and Cheese Paté. Maybe that’s why Otis is always biting me.

If you have a cat, DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE! You might be petting your cat one day, and you’ll have yourself an “accident”. So show your cats love, but stay vigilant. They’re not all cuddles and snuggles: there’s something evil going on behind the fur…

Bill Cosby Does The Darndest Things

Bill Cosby is apparently a sex predator. Multiple women have stepped up and said that they were either drugged, sexually harassed, and some just remember Cosby being on top of them right before they passed out.

It may be hard to picture but Cosby hasn’t denied the allegations. He hasn’t said much in response to begin with, except to express his anger at the situation.

“I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn’t have to answer to innuendos. People should fact-check. People shouldn’t have to go through that and shouldn’t answer to innuendos.”

One of the women that spoke up was Lou Ferrigno’s wife, Carla. Mind you, this all apparently happened before The Cosby Show aired in the 1980s and before Lou married Carla. I’d imagine Lou is probably pretty mad, and if I were Cosby, the last person I’d want to anger is the man who can’t control his anger, the original Hulk.

lou ferrigno 660


The whole matter is still fresh. Cosby has faced sexual assault charges earlier in his career which he settled out of court so he definitely looks guilty.

And to think, all these fresh accusations started because he told the Internet to go ahead and meme him. Bad idea Dr. Huxtable.

In the end though, is this man capable of such serious allegations. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

I’m on live today from 6-8 p.m. Tune in and chill with me. I promise that I won’t drug anyone.

Oh, Bother..

Our hometown bear is facing some troubles in Europe!

Winnie-the-Pooh, also know as Pooh Bear, is now banned from a small town in Poland. The issue arose when the town was going to name a small playground after Winnie-the-Pooh.

The problem—according to the people who attended the closed-door meeting about the issue—is that Pooh Bear is inappropriately dressed and has an unclear gender. One of the people in the meeting even called Pooh Bear a hermaphrodite.

Now I’m not a parent, nor am I someone who is obsessed with Pooh Bear—but is this really a good example to be setting for kids? OK, maybe they’re not impressed that the bear has and an unclear gender and no pants, but hello, this bear has been around since the first book in 1926 and it’s 2014! Are we not over the whole gender-confusion thing? Why is this even an issue?

If you look up Winnie-the-Pooh you will find that the bear’s gender is male, but some of these people believe that the creator chopped off Pooh’s testicles because the creator himself was uncomfortable with his own gender. Really?! In my opinion, this was just a guy who created a loving little bear to cater to children and these people are crazy.

Why does this need to turn into a giant news story that ends up banning this sweet little bear? I think kids should be taught that it doesn’t matter if you’e a hermaphrodite or a bear with no balls, it’s all good.

Pooh is not the only cartoon character thats banned. Other’s that have unclear gender and are inadequately dressed have been banned as well; Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and even Donald Duck. You’re missing out Poland! Those are classics…



The Chair

If an irresponsible driver killed your daughter and her grandparents, would you be satisfied with giving the driver a community service sentence?

Most likely not.

In Netherlands, a driver was speeding at 75m/h on a zone that has a 50m/h limit. He killed a little girl and her two grandparents. A jail sentence makes sense but not this time. The judge concluded that 120 hours of community service  is a better punishment. If the convicted man does not complete his 120 hours, he will be held in custody for 60 days. The driver showed no desire to apologize, and no sign of guilt on his face.

Those who have seen this video or have read about this news are questioning the Dutch Parliament. Joram van Klaverem, a member of the Parliament, did not defend the judge and said that the sentence was “absurdly low”.

Let’s just hope the judge can keep her job. If she can’t, at least she kept her head.

See how the flying chair just missed her.

Manitoba Drivers

I’m an aggressive driver. I like to think of it as active driving. Being aware of my surroundings, planning my lanes based on my turns, paying attention to who’s behind me and what other drivers are doing on the road.

I’m not a dangerous driver — I simply focus on driving well when I’m behind the wheel. I think the push for defensive driving has led to lazy, inattentive driving.

By being an aggressive driver I’m a confident driver. I utilize merge lanes to match the speed of the traffic I’d like to join, use my signal to notify the drivers in the lane, and merge with confidence. I don’t stop in the lane and block traffic, watching traffic whiz by.

I also drive the speed limit. Sometimes if traffic is light I’ll drive slightly above the speed limit and if conditions are bad I’ll drive below the limit. But I never drive below the limit in good conditions.

Alright, I’m ranting. I’m tired of bad drivers in Winnipeg and recently a company released results twice as many Manitoban drivers illegally pass stopped school buses compared to Alberta and Saskatchewan drivers. Yikes. Our drivers have no problem stopping in a merge lane but stopping for a school bus, no way.

Check out the story here:

And check out this great video of a lady (not from Manitoba) driving on a sidewalk to get around a school bus.