February 15, 2017

@4 Episode 4. February 15, 2017

We have an exciting show lined up for you this week. Lexi Myers will get it all started with the latest news and sports stories of the day. We’ll be debuting our traffic segment, with DJ Sawchuk calling the studio with two traffic updates for your ride home. And of course, @4 wouldn’t be complete without a little hockey talk. Our host Gus Gottfred will interview Dave Minuk from The Illegal Curve Hockey Show. Did you miss Horror Con this past weekend? Don’t worry, our feature reporter Matt Alcock will be by to tell you all about it. Alicia Kondrat […]
February 14, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 13

Happy Valentines Day from The Next Stop! This week on the show we were joined by Sam Calvert; YouTube, travelling and hair gel extraordinaire. Sam talks about his plethora of Contiki trips, his beach life in Thailand and his hotel lifestyle in Port Douglas, AUS. Daniela asked a classmate on the air to be her valentine…no response yet. Manny teaches us about ChuckBall and how it compares to the Croatian sport Picigin, a sport that Adrian told everyone about. We featured promos from Hayley McDonnell and Kit Muir on the show as well. Enjoy!  
February 10, 2017

Making Plays – Episode 10

Making Plays is finally live at 2pm! Neil and Taylor break down the INSANE comeback by the Patriots at Super Bowl 51, debate who would make the sports Mount Rushmore, and try to figure out the mess between Charles Oakley and the New York Knicks.
February 9, 2017

Thought Bubble Issue 1

This week on Thought Bubble, Comic News, Black History Month heroes, and Riverdale — the Netflix adaptation of Archie Comics.
February 8, 2017

@4 Episode 3 – Feb 8, 2017

What’s on this week?  Stay inside to listen to @4 this Wednesday at 4 p.m. on Red River Radio to distract you from Environment Canada’s  extreme cold weather warning for Winnipeg.   The Playground, book by RRC Student  Our host Alicia Kondrat talks with Mat Alcock, RRC student, about his new book The Playground available at McNally Robinson. Read more about it at his site  http://www.matthewalcock.com/    Super Bowl LI We’ve got Jim Toth, co-host of The Big Show TSN 1290 and Ken Wiebe talking with Gus Gottfred on Sunday’s Super Bowl LI. Who were you cheering for? Where did your […]
February 7, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 12

This week we are joined by the wonderful Daniel Ranson, from the Industrial Arts Program at the Notre Dame Campus. We talked about Daniel and Adrian’s trip around Australia, focusing mainly on the van they purchased and subsequently ‘pimped.’ Daniel talked about his cottage and his trip to BC with his girlfriend. He took a dinghy out on Georgia Strait and bought a shirt from Tofino. Manny made a long-lasting extension cord in high school that he still uses today. Daniela talked about her wooden wall clock and figured out for us that a journal and a diary are THE […]
February 3, 2017

Making Plays – Episode 9

Making Plays packed the Red River Radio studio on this episode! Adrian McMorris, Jonathan Wade and Cassidy Rempel join us to preview this Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up between Atlanta and New England.
January 31, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 11

This week we had Lauren Hollins onto the show to talk about her tours in Europe and in South East Asia. She told Daniela about the rules to the Full Moon Party, including body paint and neon clothes. Adrian talks about cycling down The Death Road, Daniela shares her nude bungee jumping tale and Manny whips out his KILLER German accent. Lauren briefly talked about her Yoga Retreat, KarmaCure, which is being put on in just under two weeks. For more information about KarmaCure click here.  Listen in for more details about our Manitoba Outdoor Show giveaway. Enjoy!
January 31, 2017

@4 For February 4, 2017

Here’s what’s coming up this Wednesday on @4 on Red River Radio.   Rob Mahon will have an interview with TSN Radio 1290’s Sean Assor to talk about what’s going on in the sports world this week.   Have you heard of ‘Futsal’? It’s a variation of soccer (or football, if you want to call it that) that’s seen increasing popularity recently with several colleges and universities launching teams. The sport uses a four-on four teams plus a goalie, and a smaller ball than regular soccer does. Nolan Kowal will have a discussion with some members of the Red River College […]
January 27, 2017

Making Plays – Episode 8

Taylor shares his hatred towards Dwayne Wade and brags about his elementary school curling career while Neil expresses his love for Tom Brady and calls out Rajon Rondo for being a hypocrite. All that and more on Episode 8 of #MakingPlays!