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Red River Radio is a new online radio station created to help train the next generation of radio professionals. Students in Red River College’s Creative Communications Program are shown how to host, program and produce both music and news/talk format radio through a combination of assigned course work and extracurricular volunteering.

News & Events

Time for another great season on Red River Radio!


Next week, Red River College opens its doors to (and welcomes back) another fresh-faced crop of students, all itching to get on the air and bring you the best student programming possible. We’ve got both new and returning shows this semester, here’s a taste of what’s on tap:

Jeff  & AJ In The Morning – Hosted by @JeffJaisman and @shamyjean, our new morning show kicks off Tuesday, September 2nd and runs every weekday from 6 – 8 am. Listen on the way to class via Tunein to get all the latest news, sports, weather and anything else that comes up: Jeff and AJ Show Promo_01

Small Screen Studs – The only show to stay on the air all summer long, Small Screen Studs is your source for discussion about TV, Netflix and internet video. @DPernitsky and @marclagace88 watch pretty much everything there is. So much, in fact, that we sometimes wonder when they find time for school work: Small Screen Studs July 21

Unsportsmanlike Conduct – It’s back! Bigger and better than before! @DerekGagnon1 and @mbilandzija come at you twice a week now to bring you all the latest sports news and talk. Football. Hockey. Baseball. Basketball. SPORTS! Begin and end your sports week with these guys, Mondays and Fridays at 5 pm: unsportsmanlike_april9th

Comic Stack – for all the geeks out there, we’ve got you covered. @themikehaynes and @cgalang_design bring you all the comic book news you can use, and we know that you CAN use all of it. This is vital information here! Fridays on Red River Radio: comicstack_april9th  Follow them on Twitter: @comicstackshow

…and that’s only the beginning! Red River Radio is all about engaging talk and awesome music.  Listen live on your laptop or smart device, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for new shows and episodes as they come online.

It’s going to be a great year!

– Dan

Tune in to the last episode of The Playbook


We have a great line-up for this last episode of The Playbook airing this Tuesday at 11 a.m. at Here’s what you can look forward to.

Our reporter Marney Blunt will call in to the station live-on-location to give us an update on the Jets, and Jon Wilson’s feature piece on Bluejays fans at the beginning of the season promises to offer listeners lots of laughs

Mayor Matt Allen will be returning to the microphone this week for an epic rant about sports stars going on paternity leave. Stephanie Thiessen and Scott Best will be debating whether the 3 year suspension one couple got for violance at a minor hockey game was appropriate or not. If you have an opinion on any of these topics, be sure to tweet us at @rrcradio to let us know your thoughts.

Last week Jesse Marks and Brendan Macgranachan faced off in a debate about baseball players. This week they’ll be doing an open segment together on specialty foods at MLB stadiums. One such special food; the 2 ft jalepeno-stuffed hotdogs with bacon. WARNING: You may become hungry while listening to this segment, so we advise you have an energy bar on-hand in the event that you start salivating uncontrollably.

And finally our host of the show Alexandra Wenger will be interviewing not one, but TWO sports experts. Corey Draper is the executive director at Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports (MODS) and Alex will be talking to him about Ultimate in Winnipeg and how this winter’s weather will affect the spring/summer season. Rob Law from Bowls Manitoba will talk to Alex about lawn bowling and how our listeners can get involved with this classic activity.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to our show this semester. It has been a pleasure to produce it. Be sure to tune in to our last episode here at this Tuesday at 11 a.m.

This is the end of In The Now

You can catch In The Now LIVE one more time this Tuesday at 2 p.m. and enjoy the dulcet tones of Kieran Moolchan’s voice as he guides you through a news radio experience like no other.

Your ears will be treated to a great interview with award-wining director John Barnard of Farpoint Films, courtesy of Mr. Neil Reimer. Farpoint Films has many shows on TV in Canada and the U.S., including a little classic you may know from APTN, called The Medicine Line.

Stefanie Cutrona and Holly Abuda will give us the low-down on why bird is the word on April 8th with their segment on International Draw a Bird Day. It’s bound to be a hoot (like an owl would say)!

Megan Funnell has the deets about an upcoming fundraiser PROVICI Cosmetics and Paperdoll Clothing are holding in support of the Winnipeg Humane Society. It sounds like there’s lots of music involved – and if you’ve liked Daniel Wiebe’s contributions to In the Now in the past, you’ll be excited to learn about his participation in the fundraiser as his DJ alter-ego.

Amanda Trunzo will be reporting live on the scene about the Daffodil Month fundraiser the Canadian Cancer Society holds every April to raise money to research cures for cancer.

This will be an episode you don’t want to miss, and it’s easy to listen in – listen online, or with the TuneIn App, and you can get at us with your questions, comments, and (of course) well-wishes for the future by Tweeting us @rrcradio. If you’re missing us after the fact, you can always carry our voices around in your pocket by downloading our podcast on this website!

It’s about time for these sweet, sweet radio voices to fade off into the Internet radio static… but before we go, always remember to live IN THE NOW!





It’s the PLAYBOOK coming at you on Red River Radio Tuesday at 11am! Our second last episode is going to be a hit! All puns intended.

Host Jon Wilson will be interviewing Erza Ginburg, host/producer of the Illegal Curve radio show (Hockey radio show on TSN 1290).

Scott is giving us the newest sports headlines and Kim is phoning in for her live hit… MTS style.

WHAT THE PUCK!?! is all Natasha this week and she’s venting her beef out on rigging the world figure skating championships. Is the judging system fair?  There was a lot of controversy during the Olympics and ice-dance results, is there going to be a repeat?

Stephaine is in studio to talk about her feature story on Stacey Nattress singing the national anthem at all the Jets games. Let’s get more local talent on the Jets scene.

Brendan and Jesse are going head to head this week in the FACEOFF! The topic this week is Miguel Cabrera’s 300 million dollar contract he signed with the Detroit Tigers. Good decision or bad?

In our open segment Danelle and Jared are comparing ancient sports to what’s happening now… and boy are there some funny differences. This episode will have your ears glued to your speakers – non-stop sports for our peg city fans. Cheer us on and tune in! Catch the PLAYBOOK this Tuesday at 11am! Click on listen live right here or go to the TuneIn App!




This Tuesday, be In The Now.

Do you want to be current? Do you want to be cool? Do you want to be current AND cool?

If the answer is “yes,” (let’s be real, it’s yes) then you’ve got to tune in to In The Now, this Tuesday at 2pm. We’ve got another all new, jam-packed episode coming at ya. Here’s some of what you can expect to hear on Tuesday’s episode:

Of course, this weekend is all about the JUNOs. We’ll have Holly Abuda with a live hit recap about the events leading up to the awards — so if you missed out, you can hear all about it on Tuesday.

Ad major Kieran Moolchan will be talking about Royal Canoe and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s performance this weekend – did it bring more young people to the symphony this weekend than normal, and what were their impressions of the show? Kieran will have all that and more, for your listening pleasure.

April 1st is April Fools Day, but what’s the deal? Is it stupid? Is it awesome? Is it both? Jokesters Marshal Fries and Dan Wiebe will be dissecting the (in)famous day and talking pranks.

On a more serious note, Liz Fraser will be talking about Manitoba MPs fighting for assisted suicide for this week’s Beef of the Week. What are your thoughts on the subject? We want to hear from you – Tweet us at @rrcradio.

Organic food seems to be real trendy lately, but is it really the better choice? Is it worth the hype, or are you just paying extra for glorified pesticides? Neil Reimer and Megan Funnell will be going head-to-head in a heated debate about everything organic. It may get ugly and someone might get hit in the head with a cucumber. So really, you don’t want to miss it.

So there ya have it. Be sure to catch this Tuesday’s episode of In The Now at 2pm. You can listen live here on the website or on the TuneIn App. If you don’t, we’ll just assume you don’t want to be in the cool club.


In The Now: The JUNO show!

This week’s show of In The Now will be all about the Junos!

Starting off the Juno talk, we’ll have reporter Erika calling in to talk about the free choir concert at the Legislative Building for We Speak Music Performance Series.

Our host Sarah will be chatting with Billy Leblanc, better known as hip-hop artist Rellik and his friend Nathan Cunningham who is nominated for a Juno this year.

Then reporter Neil will be talking to locals about the Junos. Have they heard of the local nominees? Are the Junos important for Winnipeg? He’ll be getting Winnipegger’s opinions on the street of their thoughts on the awards.

During the Beef of the Week, Dan will be talking about how the Junos are in Winnipeg and his opinion that the city isn’t in the best shape for the nation to spotlight on right now. Following that will be Jesse and Kieran debating who will be winning in the Juno categories. Stef and Megan will be talking to the co-owner of Paperdoll Clothing who will be dressing Juno nominee Brandi Disterheft.

Don’t forget to tune in Tuesday at 2pm on Red River Radio!

Listen live or download the TuneIn App to your smartphone to be in the know with In The Now.


Coming up on RRC Playbook

RRC Playbook’s Marney Blunt headed down to the Jets game last week. She heard that the team was considering moving their AHL farm team from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Thunderbay, Ontario. She had some difficulty getting in touch with the players for an interview, but she got the story together. Listen live at 11:25 this Tuesday.

A team has the most fans and support when they’re doing well. But when they stop winning those fans flee and start supporting other teams. Are you a loyal fan or a fair weather fan? Jesse Marks is ranting on the topic this Tuesday at 11:30. Tweet him @jsjmakrs to let him know what you think about these types of fans.

Don’t know anything about basketball but want to get in on March Madness? RRC Playbook’s Natasha Woloschuk and Jacob Thiessen have strategies for you! Got some pointers you’d like them to share? Tweet @natwolos and @ljthiessen.

We’ll also be bringing you the latest in sports news, an interview and a riveting debate. Don’t forget to listen live at 11 on Tuesday, or find the podcast later on.

Be in the know with In The Now

Hey everyone! We’ve got an exciting line-up of breaking news stories and trending topics for today that will inform, educate and make you feel like you’re in the know for the week.

Our host Daniel will be doing a feature story about the current state of the real estate market, thanks to Winnipeg’s harsh winter (recorded as one of the worst winter seasons in history). And to get a little more perspective on the issue at-hand, and how to approach the market, Dan will be speaking with Brent Fountaine, Real Estate Agent with Judy Lindsay Team.

Then our reporter Elizabeth will shed some light on the NDP government and its lack of funding towards the education system.

Meanwhile, Marshal and Holly will be taking part in a hot debate about technology and good/bad is for us – for both our personal and professional lives. Then Erika will step up the mic and rant about the many theories and controversies around Malaysia Airline’s flight MH370.

And Entertainment Girls Amanda and Sarah will be discussing the latest in celebrity news, gossip, and what’s hot right now for movies, music, and entertainment.

All you need to do is download the TuneIn App to your smart phone or stream us live at

Catch us today at 2 p.m. and be in the know with In The Now!



This Week’s Starting Lineup

We’ve got your sports fix, every Tuesday morning at 11 on Red River Radio.

This week The Playbook will be hosted by Red River Radio’s very own Brendan Macgranachan.

You may know Brendan from the Manitoba Sport Report, but this week, he’s pulling double duty. At 11:15, he’ll talk to Andrew Stoeten from the popular Toronto Blue Jays blog DrunkJaysFans. They’ll discuss the upcoming season, which starts, believe it or not, in about a week’s time!

Matt Allen will be live at the MTS Centre, where there’ll no doubt be some renewed hope for the Jets, after they blasted the Dallas Stars 7-2 Sunday night. Speaking of which, Jesse Marks will bring us a feature report on what the Jets playoff situation looks like.

Still with Hockey, Jacob Thiessen will have lots of Hockey talk in our Beef of the Week. The NHL is looking at getting rid of shootouts. Jacob will give us his best Don Cherry on Tuesday and tell us what he thinks should be done.

Finally, we all have our favourite sports, but there might just be some you’ve never heard of. Near the end of this week’s Playbook, Meg Crane and Steph Thiessen will bring us a segment about some obscure sports.

All of this and a lot more, as we talk about the world of sports in this week’s edition of The Playbook.