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I remember when I was 18-years-old my mother made me vote against my will. Seriously. She told me that I am lucky to be able to get a chance to vote and that I had no choice. She told me to get in the car, and by the sound of her voice I knew there would be severe consequences if I didn’t. I had no interest in politics and especially not in voting, and I felt that my vote would be biased or unfair because I had no idea what was going on with the election. But we went, and I voted, oh did I ever. I voted for the underdogs and the people with the coolest last names. And up until this year I hadn’t paid any attention to the elections, but this time it’s different. I care more.

So it is the big day is tomorrow… and I will be voting. I feel like some people are really awkward when it comes to discussing whom they’re giving their vote to. What’s the big deal? I have no problem saying that I am voting for Brian Bowman. Yesterday I read that there is a tight race between Brian with 38 per cent support of voters and Judy with 36 per cent, which is shocking because just weeks ago, Brian was a bit behind Judy. It will be interesting to see who wins and I am definitely excited to find out.

Star Wars Sneak Peek

by: Jordan Welwood

Nerds rejoice! A behind the scenes video of new Star Wars director J.J.Abrams was released online. The video was made to promote the charity Force for Change, which is a partnership between Lucas Films and UNICEF’s Innovation Labs. Fans have the opportunity to actually be in the film itself, with hair makeup, golden bikini, the whole sha-bang.


This is a huge score for UNICEF as the anticipation for the Star Wars continuation is through the roof. Fans of the series are so desperately hungry for new content, that the new minute and half video has already gotten over three million views.


All we get to see in the video is Director J.J. Abrams chatting about the charity, on what looks like the desert planet of Tatooine. A small creature that looks like a shaved turkey/turtle saunters through the background.


Anyone who was looking forward to getting a look at some sweet spoilers will be disappointed. That being said, fans got a look at some tangible props (X-wing,Turkey creature), and old school make up effects that they will be using. This is a return to the original look of the earlier films, not the CGI, green screen, Jar Jar binksie style of the preqels.


I’m sure these videos will ramp up the content as the premier draws closer, maybe we will get to see old man Han Solo napping it up in the belly of a Ton-Ton? Who’s to say?


Head to to support the kids, and maybe get on the super secret set yourself! May the force be with you.

Bizarre Costumes

Every year there’s some sort of fad that ends up turning into a halloween costume.

We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS right? Well, that’s an example of something that was happening in the world that turned into a halloween costume, which I find pretty ridiculous.

Retailers also wanted to create a costume based on the Florida woman who claimed to have a third breast implanted between her two existing ones.

Now, another international event has turned into a halloween costume and in my opinion, whoever came up with this idea is kind of ruthless but is probably going to get very rich, so they’re smart.

Ebola is becoming one of the most popular costumes for halloween 2014…seriously?  In my opinion there are more than enough costumes out there that we don’t need one based around a disease that’s killing so many people. I think it’s offensive but I don’t find it surprising. Most retailers are taking last year’s Breaking Bad costume—which consists of a gas mask and a white suit—and marketing them as Ebola costumes.

Is it OK that this costume exists? Is it OK that we can take something as tragic as Ebola and “dress up” like it? And if someone dresses up in this Ebola costume, does it mean they think it’s a joke and they’re making fun of those affected by it? Or did they just buy it because it’s a funny concept that’s available to them?

Halloween costumes like this one can cause a lot of controversy, and it is. The Ice Bucket Challenge costume and the costume based on the three-breasted woman are funny, but this one may be crossing the line. People can just stick with the good ol’ slutty bunny rabbit and we’ll have no issues.


Halloween-Ebola Costumes breast29n-2-web 3


It Ain’t Easy Being Tall


Hi there.


It’s me, that tall guy you see all over the place because I lack the basic capability of blending in. The “conversation stopper”, as I like to call myself (not really), because people like to stop what they are doing just to marvel at my height, which is usually a little odd when there’s a group of people talking and suddenly they go quiet and all turn to stare at me like we’re living in some version of Children of the Corn.


I don’t necessarily understand what makes it alright for people to come up and ask about somebody’s physical characteristics. You would never go up to a fat person and say, “Wow, you’re really fat? How fat are you? Are your parents fat?” because that would just be very rude. So why is it alright to do it to tall people?


For those of you going “I dunno, I just want to know”, here are the answers to questions I get nearly every time I meet somebody new:

  • I am 6’8”, or 204 cm for those Canadians who embraced the metric system.
  • No, I don’t pay basketball or volleyball.   I play soccer, and used to pay water polo.
  • Yes, it is difficult to find clothes that fit.
  • No, it’s not raining up here.
  • Yes, people ask me this a lot.
  • I’m glad you have a friend/relative taller than me. We’re in a club that meets every Wednesday behind the Dairy Twist. It’s a very exclusive club, and only people 6’3” or taller are invited. The first rule of Tall Club is you do not talk about Tall Club.


Not that I really mind getting. I’m going to be tall for the foreseeable future, so I decided that rather than getting mad constantly, I would just learn to live with it. I’m just wondering why it’s socially acceptable to comment on height, but no other physical characteristics.

Drive-Thru Hilarity

Life can be pretty monotonous, especially if you’re working a job you dislike. So when something happens that breaks up that boring routine, it can completely turn your entire day around.

Enter the YouTube channel of MagicofRahat.

Most of you have probably already heard of him, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share his channel with those of you who haven’t. The majority of his videos involve drive-thru pranks where he disguises himself in various ways to scare/confuse/entertain the staff.

This is awesome for so many reasons. The looks on the faces of the restaurant’s employees is just too good. It’s the perfect mixture of bewilderment and disbelief, and every scenario almost always ends in uncontrollable laughter. Real people with real reactions.

Funny how something so creative and well executed can result in such a genuine outpouring of emotion. I could watch these reactions over and over.

Not all of his videos are humorous. This is the same guy who made headlines across North America after he created a video entitled “Homeless Lottery Winner”. It’s a real tearjerker.

I posted my favorite video below, but I highly recommend you visit his channel and spend a few minutes browsing through all of his content.

It’s definitely time well wasted.


The $30 000 Piece of Paper

Magic: The Gathering is a card game set in a mythical universe that was introduced to the world in 1993. It remains extremely popular today. What would you do if you opened up a sealed pack of Magic cards from 1993 knowing that inside could be a card worth $30 000. And then sure enough, you find it!

There’s a YouTube video posted a few days ago that shows exactly that. The video shows him carefully and meticulously opening and then going through each card of the deck before revealing an extremely rare “Black Lotus” card very last. Apparently only 1100 of these cards were printed  making them extremely collectable amongst the Magic community.

It doesn’t look like much. A little shrub-lookin’ plant on a card. But the same card recently sold for over $27 000 at auction.

Of course, it’s really only worth what a person will actually pay for it. So go ahead, make an offer – maybe you can steal it for a measly 20 grand.

I think I’m going to go home and look through my old Pokémon cards now. I’m pretty sure I have a minty Charizard that could be worth millions.

Check out the video below to see the entire deck revealed card-by-card – I don’t blame the guy for having shaky hands.

It’s Show Time

If there was ever a weekend to go to show, it was definitely this one. Tonight alone, Bombay Bicycle Club and Ryan Adams are playing simultaneously at venues that are just a ten minute walk from each other.

And if you’re lucky enough, you went and saw Canadian alt-rockers, Sloan at the Pyramid last night. But, if you’re like me and have a lot on your plate, you probably missed out on these shows or are missing out on these shows right now.

It’s ok, you can stay tuned on Red River Radio and catch up on the weekend in a segment I’m calling “Everyone’s Hanging Out Without me.” I’ll recap all the events that are going on this weekend– even the one’s I missed out on.

Stay tuned from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. to listen to some tunes from your favourite indie rock artists!

So maybe you and me missed out on seeing them live last night, but we can still enjoy this classic music video right?


I want a say in how I die.

If someone told you that you were going to die in six months, what would you do?

Brittany Maynard is a 29-year-old woman from California who was given six months to live after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Brittany will die peacefully in her home, upstairs in her bedroom, surrounded by her family, and with nice music in the background. She will die on November 1, 2014. Aside from travelling and spending time with loved ones in the last months of her life, Brittany also planned her death.

Her cancer is the most aggressive form of brain cancer, and the way she was told she would die, was not the way she wanted to go. Brittany and her family moved from California to Oregon where The Death With Dignity Act is in effect. This law allows terminally ill people to die peacefully by a lethal dose of pills prescribed by doctors.

Some people believe it is ethically wrong for a doctor to help someone kill themselves, on the other hand, should a dying person not be able to have a say in how it happens. I know some people who have said they want to die in their sleep because it would be the most peaceful way to go. If given the option between suffering and leaving on your own terms, I would choose the latter.

Watch and share the video below.

NASCAR Drivers Must Now Learn to Fight

After Saturday night’s NASCAR Bank of America 500, Matt Kenseth tracked down Brad Keselowski and attacked him from behind on live television.

Kenseth, aka The Dollar General, is really kicking the City of Detroit while it’s down. Detroit was already in rough shape before the economy crashed. They’ve been dealt a hand of budget shortfalls, vacant homes, and urban bear populations, and now the working-class Motor City has been assaulted in spirit in Charlotte.

The agreement so far has been that Detroit still gets to pretend that it’s essential to the auto industry, and the rest of us get to pretend that in 2010, we didn’t buy two homes there for 48 dollars each.

It wasn’t really clear what minor grievance led to the altercation. Of course, this is NASCAR, where every pit crew has two Skeeters and a Bubba. Maybe Keselowski climbed up the water tower and soiled Kenseth’s sister’s reputation.

He didn’t have quite enough space to complete the move, but I’m pretty sure that Kenseth was trying to complete a Russian Leg Sweep on Keselowski. I’ll let The Hitman show us how it’s done…

I’d like to see Kenseth and Keselowski just embrace this Richard Petty crap and take their fight to pay-per-view at The Palace of Auburn Hills next Sunday for NASCAR’s first “Pink Slip on a Pole” match.

51 turtles in his…..

It’s been two weeks since this story was published in the news and I can’t get it out of my head.

A Canadian man trying to cross the boarder in to the U.S. was caught with 51 LIVE turtles stuffed in his pants. There was 41 turtles tapped to his legs and another 10 just hidden between.

This guy had a variety of very expensive turtles in his pants – eastern box turtles, red-eared sliders, and diamond back terrapins. Now none of these fancy turtle names mean anything to me, but apparently they could sell individually for as high as $800. So, 51 multiplied by 800 equals a whopping $40,800!

I can’t imagine they were easy to hide though. He probably had umm, quite the uhh, bulge. Fifty-one bulges in fact. I’m also thinking, “ouch!” Wouldn’t this hurt? I hope there wasn’t any snapping turtles between his legs. Probably the most painful part was ripping the tape off his legs to free the turtles. But my real question is how did he think he was going to get away with this?

Makes me think of my smuggling days. Woah, nothing illegal. Get your mind out of the gutter. If you listen to Red River Radio ( at 1 p.m. today. I’ll tell you all about my career as a smuggler.

Anyways, this kid likes turtles too.

– Megan Dudeck