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Jessica Alba and Winnipeg


Jessica Alba is not coming to Winnipeg, but she will be speaking with us. Well not us, but Dalhousie School.

I didn’t know this, but there is a Computer Science Education Week. For real. I’m not really all that surprised though, there’s a day, or a week, for a lot of things. But this one has celebrities involved! And it’s also really important, because it talks about the importance of children learning computer science.

Jessica Alba is the Hour of Code day ambassador, and she’s going to be video chatting with a lucky local school here in south Winnipeg on December 10th.

It is an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in computer science. This is the first year for CSEdWeek, which runs December 8th to the 14th, it’s pretty exciting that Winnipeg get’s to be involved in its first year!

Jessica Alba is a little bit of a do-gooder. She’s a actress, model, turned businesswoman, turned ambassador. She has a company called the honest company, which I buy products from, and all of them are natural! She’s made products perfect for families, and moms. This sounds like an ad for Jessica Alba…I can’t help that I love her.

Check out the website for this cool program, they have a lot of stuff on there, including tutorials on how to code, which could have been really useful for my website project due this week. That’s right, this site is teaching kids how to code. Baby geniuses coming through.


Recently an ad was brought to my attention by a classmate. The ad, which was featured in the Cannes Lions Festival, is produced by the New Zealand Transport agency and depicts a *SPOILER ALERT* car accident caused by speeding.

The ad is very powerful, and shows that how two simple mistakes with no intent behind them at all can dramatically change or end lives.

Having had direct family members nearly killed in two separate high speed car accidents (where neither time my family was at fault) I know just how devastating car accidents can be and how simple mistakes like turning in front of a car (happened to my sister) or drinking and driving (not a true mistake, but happened to my parents) can change lives forever. Neither person who hit my family members got on the road with the intent of getting in an accident. One misinterpreted traffic lights, and the other is a stupid moron who didn’t get enough of a punishment from the justice system, but that’s a blog for another day.

As the roads get worse during the winter, I urge all readers and listeners of Red River Radio to slow down. Nobody desrves to die for a simple mistake.

The Little Drummer (Guitar, Bass, Keys and Vocals) Boy

You think you’re a musician? You can strum that guitar or bang those drums pretty well eh? Well I’m going to bring you down to Earth for a second.

When I was six-years-old, I was worried about getting cooties and what I wanted for Christmas eight months before December. This kid though has his priorities figured out.

His name is Jordan Bijan, and he’s a six year old from Brampton, Ontario. I heard my mom listening to his cover, and it was pretty good. For six years old, he can hit some notes I wouldn’t even dream of trying. I thought “Wow, this kid is going somewhere.”

But it’s not the fact this kid could sing. Nope, this kid not only sang the vocals perfectly, he played EVERY instrument in this cover. That’s right, he played the lead guitar, the keys, drums and bass for his cover.

In my mind, that’s absolutely insane. I can’t even keep a beat for 30 seconds, and this guy can cover one of the most well known rock bands by himself.

This kid’s got a lot of talent. He covers many other U2 hits. You can check out his YouTube channel to see all his work. Keep in mind. He’s six. Just insane.

CM Punk Pulls Back The WWE Curtain On His Exit

Were you ever a wrestling fan?
I was a big fan when I was a kid, but I don’t watch it anymore. It was so over-the-top and cartoony, the on-screen stories just can’t hold my interest as an adult, but the sometimes-secretive show business side of the WWE still has some very interesting stories to share.
Journeyman wrestler and podcaster Colt Cabana had a huge interview with former WWE champion Phil Brooks (CM Punk) that was released online Friday. The podcast has almost 600,000 views on YouTube, in addition to however many are listening to it through iTunes. Brooks was one of the WWE’s best-known and fan favourite wrestlers until early 2014, when he disappeared unceremoniously.

Brooks talks about the circumstances of his departure from the WWE, and he has plenty to say about the WWE’s medical staff, talent relations tactics, and how he had to take them to court to get his royalties paid.

Brooks is a charismatic character, and its a lot of fun to listen while he pulls back the curtain on his exit from WWE. Brooks says he’ll never work for WWE again, specifically due to the way he departed the company. It’s pretty interesting drama, give it a listen.

It’s Time

There are thousands upon thousands of proposals on YouTube. With the holidays coming up, I can only imagine how many couples get engaged. Tis the season, right? But, if you try to search Christmas wedding proposals you come up with low-quality home videos. Where is the thought? Where is the high quality video production like this one?

I know it’s not Christmas, but it’s great! It’s the perfect combination of flash mob and just plain cuteness. Now for all you couples thinking about getting married, I say go back to the drawing board. It’s not enough to just wrap that ring in a huge box, or hide it in Santa’s milk. Grab some friends, work on some dance moves, grab a sleigh or spell out “Will you marry me?” in Christmas lights, whatever! All I’m saying is this holiday season, get creative! It’s only a matter of time before a great Christmas proposal video exists and right now is your chance to set the precedent.

I’m talking about the holidays on Red River Radio and how it affects us all, literally all of us.

Black Friday Madness

As you know, yesterday was Black Friday in the United States and Canada. Black Friday is traditionally the day following Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. It is considered the official start of Christmas shopping for many, and also an opportunity to get those gifts for incredibly low prices. In some states, like California, Black Friday is considered a holiday and government employees have the day off.

For as long as I’ve known, Black Friday has always been an umm, event in the U.S., but within the past few years, Black Friday has made it’s way north of the boarder.

More than 150 people were lined up outside Polo Park Mall before 6 a.m in the freezing cold. Friday morning. The mall doors opened at 6 a.m., while stores opened at 7 a.m. Apparently, what many people were after was the new Air Jordan 6 sneakers, which Nike released on Black Friday. How sneaky of them.

I spent maybe 30 minutes trying to look for deals and I found a few. There was 50 per cent off all clothing items at Banana Republic, and 40 per cent off memory cards at some electronic store I can’t event remember the name of. The thing is, you can still find all these deals continuing in to the weekend. Unfortunately, Black Friday in Canada doesn’t seem to have the same deals as our neighbours to the south.

Maybe that’s a good thing? Black Friday seems to turn the average person in to an animal, some people literally throw themselves on to sale items in department stores. It appears Black Friday has also made it’s way overseas to the U.K. Check out this link to a woman in London who wasn’t going to let her television go without a fight. This woman probably woke up today with some regret!

Black Friday Madness in London

Only in Winnipeg: Skating on a River

Picture this: it’s the middle of January, Christmas is all but over and gone, your wallet is light after the holidays, and it’s -35 in the sun. This can only mean one thing – the Red River Mutual Trail at the Forks is finally open!

See? Winter doesn’t have to be that bad. Us Winnipeggers have cracked the code to enjoying the frosty days in the dead of winter. Drive a Zamboni straight down the Assiniboine River and call it a tourist attraction.

I personally love getting out there, even though I can barely skate. It’s something about just experiencing something that is truly unique to Winnipeg, and really, the world. It’s fun with friends, fun with family, and has to be one of the best date spots in the city.

Ok, enough gushing.

The Forks released some of the winning designs for 2015’s warm-up huts along the trail. Every year, the trail gets submissions from architecture firms from around the world. Last year had a memorable neon green hut, and this year we get some equally cool submissions, including a pseudo-invisible hut from the University of Manitoba that is covered in mirrors to give the illusion of a cloaked structure. And of course, RAW:almond returns to the river this year with its pop-up restaurant, right on the ice.

You can check out some pictures, via the Winnipeg Free Press, of the warm-up huts that have been revealed so far right here:


The Best Holiday Movies

As the last week of classes is upon me, I can’t stop thinking about the holidays. Now I can be pretty cynical when it comes to the holidays. The same old songs you hear every year, the streets are filled with crazed idiot shoppers, and everyone is so concerned with being jolly they are actually grumpy.

Good thing there is holiday movies we all can rely on. There is a great holiday movies, but I have three movies that no matter what I watch every holiday season. Take a look at these gems.

1. Love Actually

A romantic comedy that packs a pretty big punch on the comedy side of things. It interweaves lots of different stories together through the Christmas season. It also teaches us that not all Love is on equal terms.

2. Jingle All The Way

It’s a Christmas movie with Arnold Schwarzengger. What more do you need?

3. 8 Crazy Nights

This was definitely a weird one, Adam Sandler in cartoon form is not someting you will see that often.

Milt Stegall the NOTT Auto Beagle…. (by Jordan Welwood)


Winnipeg Blue Bomber great Milt Stegall a.k.a. The Touchdown Beagle, a.k.a. the turtle man has officially sold out. Or has he?


Milt has recently lent his celebrity to a local automotive dealership Nott Autocorp for a commercial.


The video features the CFL superstar working out and training in all his shredded glory. His exercise is intercut with shots of him peeling out in an Audi sportscar.


Doing local auto commercials would normally be a embarrassing or low end thing for someone of his status to stoop to. I will remind you of the cheesy used car lot and polyester suit ads of the 1980’s.


Milt chose wisely in this case, because the production value of the NOTT commercial comes off more like an Under Armour, or Nike Ad you would see in the states. High rest dynamic shots of the vehicle, mixed in with Milt (who is still crushing it in retirement) keep the whole thing from being embarrassing.


Big time CFL stars rarely tend to get featured in big time Ads, and it would seem the ones who do get cursed to some degree.


Kerry Joesph starred in a handful of Futureshop commercials coming off his Grey Cup win in 2007. He went on to stink it up that season then bounced around the league as a back up for the rest of his career.


Jesse Lumsden was in a host of different ads which only managed to increase his hype. The Running back was a band aid on the field, and ended up trying his hat at bobsledding….


Milt however has already accrued his glory, and should feel free to sell his likeness to the highest bidder if he wants. So long as he stays clear of the polyester suits.