April 20, 2016

The Exchange – Ep 9

This week on The Exchange, you’ll hear our host Sam Samson interview Barbara Bowes about post-grad life for college and university students. Scott Billeck will be talking about the new Bombers season with some of the players right off the roster. Our own Jordan Haslbeck will be ranting about the glut of superhero movies swarming into theatres these days. All this and more on the Exchange!  
April 8, 2016

The Long and the Short of It: Travel

On this episode of The Long and the Short of It, we’re going travelling. Our host Ryan explores the world and brings you along with him. Sean Perrun joins him to talk about parties abroad. Our producer Domini Pool speaks about travelling to previously unknown places. Buckle up!
April 8, 2016

The Long and the Short Of It — Loss

Nothing lasts forever. Loved ones move on, we lose some of the abilities we once had as we age, and sometimes things don’t work out they way we hoped. But loss isn’t always a bad thing. This episode we discuss: Tara Miller is legally blind, but that didn’t stop her from following her dream of becoming photographer. Find out how she became successful in this visual industry without the use of her sight. Dogs are man’s best friend. Rachel Carlson shares her experience losing a furry family member. Rick Trickle experienced the loss of a body part as a child. […]
April 4, 2016

The Exchange: Week 10 Preview

Hugs and goodbyes are sure to follow this week’s episode of The Exchange, as we get set to pack it in for the rest of school year. Danielle Doiron is the glue holding the show together this week, as she’ll be hosting in the studio. Winnipeg Police now have the option to carry assault rifles — good or bad? We’ll break it down for you during Jason Dueck’s group chat. In our mic drop segment, Connor Wild will do what he does best: rant. And Taylor Peristy will be bringing us the best jokes from the day of deception, April […]
April 1, 2016

The Long and the Short of It – Food

On this episode of The Long and The Short of It, we’re talking food. Listen to our host Jeff explore how food brings us together, defines us as people and how our relationship with it changes over time. Reynold Beniza talks about how Filipino food was a large part of his family’s culture. How it was a bit of a barrier for him when growing up in Canada Our producer Kerri Savard takes to the streets to talk to Winnipeggers about the weirdest foods they’ve ever eaten.      
April 1, 2016

The Long and the Short if It: Digital Life

On this episode of The Long and The Short of It, we’re exploring digital life. Our lives are documented online everyday with each Facebook post and Instagram photo. It’s how we connect and how we share so much of our information. We’ll be discussing grief, sexuality, deception, education, and fame in this online space. Kirsten Kettler found that she had an unusual talent, to break apples in half only with her head. She’ll tell us where that talent, and the internet fame she got from it, lead her. Olivia Tefft played a lot of online roleplaying games when she was […]
March 29, 2016

Episode 9: The Preview

This week on The Exchange, you’ll hear our host Sam Samson interview Barbara Bowes about post-grad life for college and university students. Scott Billeck will be talking about the new Bombers season with some of the players right off the roster. Our own Jordan Haslbeck will be ranting about the glut of superhero movies swarming into theatres these days. Hear these stories and many many more today on the Exchange and 1 pm on Red River Radio.
March 21, 2016

The Exchange: Week 8 Preview

The finish line is within distance as the school year creeps toward the end. But while we are still here, we’ve got a heck of a radio show lined up for you this week in The Exchange. Taylor Peristy is leading the charge as your host this week and will have an in-depth interview with Robert Elms from AssentWorks, discussing the latest going on at the place of innovation. Stay tuned! Emily Enns will have a report on this past weekend’s Winnipeg Humane Society telethon that raised $40,000. Kanisha Szekely will be reporting live from the 1187 Photos – Missing […]
March 14, 2016

Coming up on The Exchange—Episode 7

The weather is warm and the radio waves are heating up on tomorrow’s episode of The Exchange, hosted by Kanisha Szekely. Kanisha will also be talking tattoos and ethics with Eric Johanson of Soul Survivors. Connor Wild will be talking about Sensory Night, put on by Sky Zone and supported by St. Amant Centre for kids with autism, ADD/ADHD and other sensory challenges. Samantha Samson is hitting up Overtime, and will be talking about the new lookup line introduced in an arena in Stonewall to protect young hockey players from concussions. She will also be keeping us up-to-date on March Madness and […]
March 6, 2016

The Exchange – Episode 5

We’re baaaaaack. Did ya miss us? Episode 5 of The Exchange has already come and gone, but you can check it out right here! Last week, Connor Wild powered through a cold to rock it as our host, while Jason Dueck kicked off the hour with the day’s local, national and international headlines. Jordan Haslbeck called in live from Lockport at 5:55 to give you this year’s provincial flood forecast – and it’s looking good. Host-extraoridinaire Connor interviewed Sam d’Auteuil, a University of Manitoba engineering student, about what hydrokinetic turbines mean for the future of renewable energy and electrical needs. Don’t worry […]
February 24, 2016

The Exchange – Episode 4

Get hyped — The Exchange is back on the air on Tuesday, March 1. We know. You’re suffering from withdrawal. To tide you over, here’s Episode 4, which originally aired on Tuesday, Feb. 9. Jordan Haslbeck took us through the hour as the host-extraordinaire.   Scott Billeck ripped through those headlines, giving you the update on what was current earlier this month. Classic Jason Dueck reported on how some people are making serious bank by playing video games. Click to 9:00 to hear that story. Live reporter Evan Matthews spoke with Jason Hooper from the West End Cultural Centre about Elliot […]
February 9, 2016

The Exchange Episode 4 is coming up quick!

Did you miss us? Well, you won’t have to for very long because the next episode of The Exchange will be coming at you live at 1 p.m. at radio.rrc.ca. Our host this week is Jordan Haslbeck is talking with Ginette Lavack Walters, Executive Director of the Festival du Voyageur about all things Festival this year. Our reporters, Evan Matthews and Jason Dueck, are covering the band Elliot Brood who are playing Tuesday night and Festival, and how people make money from playing video games via streaming and YouTube channels. Our panel this week, hosted by Kanisha Szekely, is talking to […]
February 4, 2016

The Exchange – Episode 3

Did you miss The Exchange this week? This week our host was Evan Matthews. He talked to Premier Greg Selinger about his vision of the future, recent NDP ads, and reserve housing. Our reporters this week were Jason Dueck and Scott Billeck. Jason covered Groundhog Day and Scott talked about police coming onto buses for greater safety. Erin DeBooy gave us what was new that day in our newscast. Emily Enns hosted the panel about positive body image because of Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Sam Sampson drops the mic with her rant on horoscopes. Conner Wild with our sports segment […]
February 1, 2016

Hear ye, hear ye… here comes episode 3!

Happy Monday! We love Mondays just as much as you do. To make your day better, we’ve got episode 3 of The Exchange coming your way tomorrow live at 1pm on rrc.radio.ca! Join this week’s host Evan Matthews, as he keeps you up to date on the provincial election with NDP Premier Greg Selinger. Our reporters Jason Dueck and Scott Billeck  will be giving you this week’s feature stories. One includes a rodent! A groundhog to be exact. Bras, boobs, and butts? No, this isn’t your average college radio panel. Emily Enns is joined with a boudoir photographer and a client to chat […]
January 27, 2016

The Exchange – Episode 2

Parking tickets, freelance work, and dragons? Oh my! Here’s what you missed on episode two of The Exchange. This week, tune in with host Jason Dueck on The Exchange as he talks about Dragon Lair. Join him and Ken Zorniak as they about the transition of graphic media. Your top stories given to you by our reporters Scott Billeck and Erin DeBooy. Catch up on the latest news from Danielle Doiron. Connor Wild talks with Steven Kaul and Gilleck about freelance work. On The Mic Drop, hear Taylor Peristy as he rants about the basics of RPG games. Last but not […]
January 25, 2016

Episode 2 is tommrrow!

Hey listeners! New episode time is just around the corner! The Exchange goes live tommrrow at 1pm on radio.rrc.ca… and it’s going to be a good one. Join our host, Jason @Thatvorpaledge, who will be chatting with a local media company about the transition of graphic media with respect to the old school video game, Dragon’s Lair. Jason will definitely nerd out, but that’s good because its going to be a very cool talk. Our reporters Scott @scottbilleck and Erin @erindebooy will be on top of Winnipeg news and will be bringing you the latest stories. Want to learn more about […]
January 19, 2016

The Exchange Episode 1

Host Scott Billeck speaks with Provincial Liberal Party Leader Rana Bokhari about the $15 million she plans to allocate to first nations infrastructure if elected. Erin DeBooy talks to The Exchange live from the Red River Trail at The Forks. Catch Kanisha Szekely ranting in support of Instagram models. Reporter Danielle Doiron talks about the Spence Neighbourhood Association’s new 24/7 safe space for youth. She speaks with the Spence Neighbourhood Association’s executive director and one of the directors for Rossbrook House, a similar project, to discuss how it will impact youth in the community considering. Jordan Haselbeck convenes a panel on drunk driving- […]
January 18, 2016

The Exchange: RRC Radio’s newest podcast

Hello, everyone! And welcome to The Exchange, Red River Radio’s newest weekly news radio podcast. The name The Exchange stems not only from our geographical location, but is also a clever play on the exchanging of information and we want to do exactly that, deliver and exchange information with you, our listener. Tomorrow afternoon will be the inaugural cast for our new show and will be hosted by RRC’s own Scott Billeck, a Journalism student enrolled in the Creative Communications program. So what can you expect to hear? You can expect entertainment! We have local stories, perspectives and events being […]