April 18, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 20

This week for the final episode we brought on Garrett Fache. Garrett Fache has created a movie called “Nature of the Beast,” from his production company Wild House Media. We talked about his outdoors experience ranging from walking 15km on a dry river bed instead of canoeing or deep water soloing in the bush. Daniela tried to play us off, Manny told us about his love for cliff jumping (40-60ft.) and Adrian briefly talked about his own canoe trips. We capped the show and season off with a brief discussion about the playoffs.
April 4, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 19

This week we talked transportation and answered a few questions from our listeners too! Manny shared his bus rides down south with his soccer team, and his time as an Educational Assistant on school trips. Daniela talked about a charming Montreal server who asked her tasty in Montreal for him. Adrian shared his misadventure when he stopped a train bound for Budapest…and tried to claim it wasn’t him. Enjoy!
March 28, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 18

This week on the show we welcomed professional music festival-goer Talia Smith. She talked to us about “riders” and gave us some festival pro-tips. Manny told us about a man he met at a festival who introduced him to “ballcuzzi’s,” Daniela shared her time at a pizza slice themed music festival… we think it’s a scam. It doesn’t run anymore some think Daniela got scammed but came away with a helluva story. Adrian sat back and took it all in having never gone to a music festival. Enjoy dear friends.  
March 21, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 17

This week on the show we went to the final frontier and the depths of the sea! We discussed Mars One and their program to send people into space to colonize Mars in 2032. We turned our attention from the skies to the sea and theories of the sea including Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. Daniela does not believe in Atlantis and we all agree that Mars One needs to step up their fundraising game. We talked about Riverdale, The 100 and in BREAKING NEWS we stripped Garrett Fache from his previous ‘Average’ title and talked about his upcoming film […]
March 14, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 16

This week on the show we talked about our time in small town Manitoba this past weekend. Manny ventured out to Gimli and met the guy who made The Flag of Humanity, and Daniela found out they were already connected on LinkedIn. Daniela went to Portage La Prairie and got a painting from a man named Murray. She’s now his favourite. Adrian took some friends to his cottage at Victoria Beach and played some Minnesota ice-fishermen in a few games of pool. Enjoy.
March 7, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 15

This week on the show we had the young and talented Kristen Einarson join us! She talked to us about her time in New York watching a number of Broadway plays. We talked about Trip Advisor’s new trip offering a night’s stay in a London Eye pod. Daniela talks about her less than ideal experience riding the London Eye. Adrian talked about his American experience in an airport and showed off his (admittedly) weaker Christopher Walken impression. Manny takes us through his time as an audience member on Conan.
February 28, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 14

Welcome back from Reading Week! The Next Stop got into some role play today re-enacting stories from traveling abroad. Manny took us through the train station at Prague with a girl he yearned for and her less friendly friend. Adrian watched his friend almost die and pulled the keys away from him so he wouldn’t drive home. Daniela had us act out a late night adventure trying to get money from an ATM and getting to a hostel with the help of useless cabs. Daniela shared her glamorous experience in an Air Canada pod on her way home from Rome. […]
February 14, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 13

Happy Valentines Day from The Next Stop! This week on the show we were joined by Sam Calvert; YouTube, travelling and hair gel extraordinaire. Sam talks about his plethora of Contiki trips, his beach life in Thailand and his hotel lifestyle in Port Douglas, AUS. Daniela asked a classmate on the air to be her valentine…no response yet. Manny teaches us about ChuckBall and how it compares to the Croatian sport Picigin, a sport that Adrian told everyone about. We featured promos from Hayley McDonnell and Kit Muir on the show as well. Enjoy!  
February 7, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 12

This week we are joined by the wonderful Daniel Ranson, from the Industrial Arts Program at the Notre Dame Campus. We talked about Daniel and Adrian’s trip around Australia, focusing mainly on the van they purchased and subsequently ‘pimped.’ Daniel talked about his cottage and his trip to BC with his girlfriend. He took a dinghy out on Georgia Strait and bought a shirt from Tofino. Manny made a long-lasting extension cord in high school that he still uses today. Daniela talked about her wooden wall clock and figured out for us that a journal and a diary are THE […]
January 31, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 11

This week we had Lauren Hollins onto the show to talk about her tours in Europe and in South East Asia. She told Daniela about the rules to the Full Moon Party, including body paint and neon clothes. Adrian talks about cycling down The Death Road, Daniela shares her nude bungee jumping tale and Manny whips out his KILLER German accent. Lauren briefly talked about her Yoga Retreat, KarmaCure, which is being put on in just under two weeks. For more information about KarmaCure click here.  Listen in for more details about our Manitoba Outdoor Show giveaway. Enjoy!
January 26, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 10

This week we welcomed author, comedian and general wiseman Matt Abra to the show. He told us about his time in Europe as part of a Concentration Camp tour for students called The March of Remembrance and Hope. We segued into stories of late night, (mostly) booze-fuelled mishaps to bring a lighter side to the show. Matt slept in a park, Daniela won two drinking contests in one night, Adrian charmed his way past  security guard at a New Years Eve party in Wollongong, Australia and Manny watched his friend drink a little too much. For more information about Matt’s […]
January 18, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 9

(Very brief audio issues at beginning) This week we were joined by the lovely Meghan Kjartanson who claimed to not have many stories and then blew us away with some of her adventures. Meghan tells us about her time in Colorado City, Arizona and the time she helped a stranger write an essay about Jane Goodall. Daniela promises to take Adrian’s girlfriend skating on the river, Manny talks about teaching Meghan how to drive stick and Adrian teaches the group what a “specky” is.  
January 11, 2017

The Next Stop – Episode 8

We returned in 2017 with a very special guest, Maggie Wysocki. She tells us about her trips to India both as a tourist and as a teacher. She paints a beautiful picture of parties and ceremonies she attended, she rode a camel and talks about the blue houses of Jodhpur, India. She talks about the ongoing culture shock during her trips. The four of us take a gander at guessing the original 7 Wonders of the World and Adrian talks about his ex-girlfriend.   See Maggie’s blog here.    
December 6, 2016

The Next Stop – Episode 7

This week we talked about winter escapes abroad and close to home. Past experiences travelling during the holidays, Christmas abroad and our ideal staycations. Adrian tackled a sheep, Daniela takes Keara (Adrian’s girlfriend) on a date, and Manny got sick over Christmas in Dublin.
November 29, 2016

The Next Stop – Episode 6

This week on the show we all help plan Daniela’s upcoming trip to Thailand and the UK. We wade through Daniela’s outfits, we talk about Hot Garrett and Average, Bearded Garrett from Wilderness Supply. Manny lends Daniela his sweater, Adrian worked in 44 degrees Celsius and Daniela took notes on our very original and serious outfit suggestions.
November 22, 2016

The Next Stop – Episode 5

This week on The Next Stop we talk about FOOD. Pastas, Brazilian cuisine, beers (featuring a top German beer list on beeradvocate.com), cocktails, and the language barrier while ordering a meal abroad. Adrian pulls out a tuna sandwich on-air, Daniela showcases her Portuguese and Brazilian faves, and Manny shocks the group with a flawless German accent.
November 15, 2016

The Next Stop – Episode 4

This week we talk about hostel etiquette and what should you look for in a hostel before you set up shop. We discussed using Tinder while travelling and travelling while dating. Daniela forgets a lot things in hostels, Adrian packed while having a stranger threaten him and his girlfriend and Manny and his friends put a stop to some unwanted hostel noise.