October 9, 2014

What would you do with an extra day?

What if we had an extra day each week? An extra day to spend with friends and family, an extra day to do nothing, or maybe an extra day to get out and explore Winnipeg. What would you do with an extra day? Right now, I could really go for an extra day. I feel as though school and work take all my time and I’m left with nothing. But really, what would I do with an extra day? I would cook a mean breakfast. I love cooking breakfast. Hash browns, bacon, fried eggs, and toast with some freshly brewed […]
October 8, 2014

3 Reasons Why Lists Need to Just Stop!

The internet is a funny place. It seems the only thing hotter than a picture of a cat or a strip of bacon is a list about cats or about bacon. Lists have left actual books and articles in the dust, and with websites such as Buzzfeed and Listverse trying to capitalize on the internet generation’s peanut-sized attention span, it’s no wonder that my Facebook feed is flooded on a daily basis with stupid lists that I don’t care about, but still read. So here it is. My list. 3 REASONS WHY LISTS NEED TO JUST STOP 1. THESE LISTS ARE […]
October 8, 2014

The Mighty Mug

So imagine this, you have lots of homework to do s you decide to go to your favourite coffee shop. You order your favourite drink, and go to sit down. You pull out your binder, textbooks and pencils to get ready for an intense studying session. Nothing could go wrong, right? WRONG! This is a disaster waiting to happen. I am a coffee robot, I run on the stuff. I couldn’t live with out it. I cannot tell you how many times I have been working on something important with my coffee tumbler beside me and I knock it over. […]
October 6, 2014


Everyone that knows me at the campus knows that I love soccer. There is a particular team that I follow more than any other. Arsenal. To kill some time today, I hit up the good old YouTube to search for some fan made Arsenal videos. The results did not disappoint. Luiz Suarez Bite That awesome clip goes through Luis Suarez’s biting career. It starts with his time when he played for Ajax all the way to the recent World Cup in Brazil where he bit Giorgio Chiellini. He got banned from playing soccer for awhile after that. He probably needed […]
August 27, 2014

Time for another great season on Red River Radio!

Next week, Red River College opens its doors to (and welcomes back) another fresh-faced crop of students, all itching to get on the air and bring you the best student programming possible. We’ve got both new and returning shows this semester, here’s a taste of what’s on tap: Jeff  & AJ In The Morning – Hosted by @JeffJaisman and @shamyjean, our new morning show kicks off Tuesday, September 2nd and runs every weekday from 6 – 8 am. Listen on the way to class via Tunein to get all the latest news, sports, weather and anything else that comes up: Jeff […]
March 10, 2014

TuneIn to Win the Red River Radio #ContextContest

Say what? The good people at Red River Radio want you to take their words out-of-context for a chance to win some great prizes this winter! From March 17 to 21, everyone’s favourite morning show hosts Wes and The Goat will be handing out a daily prize-pack for the most hilarious contest-entry. Giveaways include a $75 Visa card, a $50 St. Vital Centre gift-card, a $50 Fox and Fiddle gift-card, and much more! For your chance to win: Listen to Red River Radio using the TuneIn app on your smartphone. Tweet a screenshot to @rrcradio at any time and include […]
August 20, 2013

We’re back!

A new school year is almost upon us! Yay! As students prepare to return to the daily stress of college life, we’re pleased to be starting our second year of stress relief. Starting Tuesday, August 27th, our new morning show Wes and the Goat in the Morning will be on the air at 6 am! You can hear Wes and the Goat every morning from 6-8 throughout the school year. Podcast episodes of Panels of Awesome and The Bodega are once again available for download here at radio.rrc.ca. As well, you can subscribe to our iTunes feed here to have […]
August 8, 2013

Coming soon…

March 21, 2013

Red River Radio Survey!

Hey you! We want to know how you found out about Red River Radio! Take the survey and let us know!
March 20, 2013

The Exchange – Episode 1

The Exchange is an hour-long story telling program where people share experiences. Some are funny, some are sad and some are just plain strange! In this episode we look at things we can never do again; sometimes it’s a song we can’t listen to because of a bad breakup or a beach we can’t swim at because of a lost suit……whatever the story, we all have one. Download this episode (right click and save)
February 4, 2013

Western Man’s Most Stunning Achievement

By Mike Cuma – Morning Hike   After months of spending money at actual coffee places it turns out that there’s a place in Winnipeg that just gives it away! A giant place – one with blue walls, friendly staff, and ample parking. Yes we went to Ikea, like the 1000’s of people before us and after us we couldn’t stay away. It was as if the giant square warehouse called out to us like a Swedish beacon of hope – plus they have free coffee before 10. Simply Irresistible. I wanted the authentic experience so I arrived at 9:00, […]
January 31, 2013

A Closer Look at The Booth

November 14, 2012

Rally for Red

Join us for Red River Radio’s blood drive, the Rally for Red Radiothon! In Canada there’s a constant need for blood donors, as every minute of every day, someone needs a transfusion to keep them alive. Canadian Blood Services needs close to 90,000 new donors this year to keep up with demand, and we’re here to help. On Tuesday, November 20th students at The Roblin Centre will be hosting a radiothon from 7am – 7pm. The college’s Roblin Centre location will have shuttle bus service throughout the afternoon to take participants to the Canadian Blood Services donor centre and back again. […]
October 22, 2012

ChickFlicks tackles online film distribution

ChickFlicks is a radio show about movies. It’s not about new releases and box office results like our show In Focus, though. ChickFlicks, hosted by myself (Jenna Marie) and Chaley Lynn, focuses on different aspects of filmmaking. There will be guests and conversation around topics like lighting, special effects, and more. For last week’s show we talked about online distribution and release of films. We had Reid Valmestad as our guest and we discussed the pros and cons of online distribution. The biggest fact of online distribution is how easy it is to put a film online. The Internet has […]
September 15, 2012

KY58 Aircheck

A little radio history for you here. This is an aircheck from KY58, an extremely popular AM radio station in Winnipeg in the 1980’s. An aircheck is a recorded portion of an on air broadcast that the station manager would review with the on air personalities. In this broadcast you’ll hear radio legends Charles Adler and the late Ron Able. You’ll also hear current CBC broadcast meteorologist John Sauder. Known as “Captain John” back then, Sauder used to perform traffic reports while flying his own plane! The year is around 1987/88, which becomes apparent when you hear Charles Adler’s newscast. […]
September 12, 2012

First Year Streeters!

One of the most dreaded moments in first year journalism is the infamous Streeter. With little to no warning, students are assigned to go out and write an article on a subject of their choosing – and they’ve got just two hours to do it! Here’s a Streeter written by a first year student about Red River Radio…
September 8, 2012

Fort Whyte By-election Coverage

The Creative Communications journalism students were out in full force covering the Fort Whyte by-election on Tuesday, September 4th. They were assigned to report the atmosphere, comments and results coming in from all the campaign headquarters via Twitter. They were also assigned to call in live reports on Red River Radio, take a listen:
August 24, 2012

Hello world!

Red River Radio is alive and ready to entertain! Congratulations to John and Mike for starting us off right!