Mmm, Raspberry Pi.


The latest version of Raspberry Pi, “Zero”, hit the shelves recently and completely sold out within 24 hours. What the heck is that, you might be wondering? It sounds delicious! Well, it’s deliciously cool. It’s a teeny tiny single-board computer, the size of a stick of gum. And the most amazing part: it only costs $5!

So what can it do, and why do people want them so bad? Basically, people are using these little computers for cool DIY projects that require small, less-powerful computers. Some projects require additional supplies besides the Pi, but that totally depends on what you want to make it do!

Here are some amazing things people have been making with them:

Talking Toys:
Somebody took one of those Fisher Price talking telephone toys and added a wi-fi enabled Raspberry Pi B+ to it, which allows the toy to tell you the current weather, what movies are in theatres, and listen to the radio!

How bout a tricked out microwave, with added functions like voice control, a barcode scanner that looks up cooking times, and remote control functionality!

Super Ultimate Game Boys:
Some people have enhanced old Game Boys by equipping them with a Pi loaded up with emulators, so you can walk around with a giant library of retro games in your pocket.

Tiny Robots:
A popular use for Pi is making little remote-controlled robots. They range from pretty simple little guys that zip around your floor, to semi-autonomous helicopters that can hover around on their own. Lego has become a popular source for body parts for robot projects.

FM Radio Transmitter:
Okay, I don’t know if this is actually legal. But it’s neat. You can broadcast your own sounds on FM radio by making a personal low-power FM transmitter.

There are infinite things you can create with one of these guys, and the internet is overflowing with tutorials, advice, and project ideas.

You can still get the Raspberry Pi Zero on Ebay, but people are charging up to 7x the shelf-price, so you might want to wait until the company re-stocks.

If you’ve made anything cool with a Raspberry Pi, send us a link and show it off!

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