The Exchange Episode 4 is coming up quick!

Did you miss us? Well, you won’t have to for very long because the next episode of The Exchange will be coming at you live at 1 p.m. at

Our host this week is Jordan Haslbeck is talking with Ginette Lavack Walters, Executive Director of the Festival du Voyageur about all things Festival this year.

Our reporters, Evan Matthews and Jason Dueck, are covering the band Elliot Brood who are playing Tuesday night and Festival, and how people make money from playing video games via streaming and YouTube channels.

Our panel this week, hosted by Kanisha Szekely, is talking to two tattoo artists about the ethics of their profession, and the good and bad of tattoing.

And on a more serious note, Danielle Doiron is talking about victim blaming/shaming on The Mic Drop.

In our sports segment, Emily Enns is talking about the biggest thing in sports lately the Superb Owl… Or wait Super Bowl. That’s the one.

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If you’re interested in any of that be sure to check us out tomorrow at 1 p.m. on¬† It’s going to be a great show!

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