The Exchange – Episode 4

Get hyped — The Exchange is back on the air on Tuesday, March 1.

We know. You’re suffering from withdrawal.

To tide you over, here’s Episode 4, which originally aired on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Jordan Haslbeck took us through the hour as the host-extraordinaire.


Scott Billeck ripped through those headlines, giving you the update on what was current earlier this month.

Classic Jason Dueck reported on how some people are making serious bank by playing video games. Click to 9:00 to hear that story.

Live reporter Evan Matthews spoke with Jason Hooper from the West End Cultural Centre about Elliot Brood’s show in Early February. Speed on through to 14:45 to listen as the two chat about music and community.

She may not have whipped her hair back and forth, but Kanisha Szekely brought together a panel of hairstylists from The Loft Salon this week to chat about the WEN product line. That’s at 20:00.

Danielle Doiron set the record straight on The Mic Drop with her rant about victim shaming. She breaks down some issues with the Jian Ghomeshi trail at 32:56.

Emily Enns took a different tone with our sports segment. She outlined the best of the SuperBowl Halftime Show at 36:35. Lady GaGa, Queen B, that Hawaiian guy with the endless dance hits and British hippies Coldplay. It’s all in there.

Then Connor Wild joins Emily, Jordan and Scott at to talk SuperBowl ads, including a gem starring Kevin Hart at 43:25.

Tune into at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, March 1 to hear our precious voices ring true. Or at least listen to Episode 5.

Be sure to keep up with us during the show and afterword on our social media. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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