The Internet Has Ruined My Childhood

Okay, so I don’t know about you guys, but when I was growing up we had totally legitimate (not) free-to-air satellite TV. So I watched a whole bunch of Disney Channel growing up. 

One of my favourite things on Disney was the “Hi I’m someone, and you’re watching the Disney Channel” indents. Even if you didn’t have Disney Channel, you probably still know what I’m talking about. 

Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, behind-the-scenes footage of the indent’s being made have popped up online, and these videos are pretty great.

This one has Raven-Symoné looking agitated after having to do what was probably the 107th take.

Even better, it doesn’t even look like she was making the Disney ears at all, just a bunch of squiggles. Ahh, the magic of television.

But wait there’s more!

There is even footage of BEANS (Steven Anthony Lawrence from Even Stevens.)

I actually regret seeing these, watching these videos kinda ruined the magic for me. It’s just like seeing how the sausage is made. When you watched these shows, you always thought the actors were amazing, but really it took them a bunh of takes to get their lines right.

Sorry to ruin your childhood!


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