Fentanyl suspected killer of two Winnipeggers

Written by your host Spencer Myers (@spennymy9 on Twitter.)

Not all news or topics are happy, and unfortunately this isn’t a sunny tale about the beginning of winter. An epidemic is creeping across Canada and we need to act now before it’s too late.

The Fentanyl crisis sweeping across Canada is no stranger to the prairies. The drug recently leading to many overdoses and deaths is becoming more and more common in synthetic drugs on Winnipeg’s streets.

Students need to be safe, and extra careful during this crisis. I call it a crisis because that’s what it is. People are dying over something that’s completely preventable, and unfortunately all too common as of late.

The Premier is telling students and the general public to be very cautious and avoid any drugs purchased on the streets. Victims of the crisis have ranged anywhere from adults to toddlers, and the LD/50 rate of the product is so low that it’s almost impossible to trace or detect before it’s too late.

I’ve linked a recent article from CBC to give you guys a more in-depth look at what’s actually happening with Fentanyl in the city. While the problem seems to be more prominent in the urban areas, we’re seeing people affected in all areas of the province.




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