Could Humankind Go Extinct in the Next 1000 Years?

We’ve been obsessing about the end of humanity since humanity began. But now we’re a step closer to the real thing: Stephen Hawking says we’re headed for doomsday. But all is not lost! He thinks there’s a way for us to continue on: colonizing space.

Are you even really surprised? It’s coming from a cosmologist, after all.

Hawking thinks the next 1000 years will bring the human race to its knees because of nuclear warfare, global warming, and other environmental factors. He says our only hope is to find another planet to inhabit.

Hawking advises young people to stop looking at the ground and turn their gaze to the stars.

My two cents: I’d rather go extinct than inflict humanity on another planet. Hawking might be right about the earth collapsing under the stress of supporting us, but why would anyone want to do that to another planet. Leave the alien planet to the alien animals.

We made our bed. Now it’s time to lay down and die in it.

What do you think? Even with the push toward clean energy, are we still headed toward environmental doom?


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