Manny Goosen to release single in January

Local singer/songwriter Manny Goosen is set to release a single in the new year as part of an experimental, concept EP.He is keeping the theme quiet and won’t say what’s on the new EP until it’s ready to release in February of next year.

He did say that he is working on the live performance aspect of his show and is trying to develop that side of his skills. In his career he has played all kinds of instruments and he has no problem preforming, but now he wants to take his sound to the stage.

He says that he didn’t want to rush into the stage performance before the music was ready.

As he’s preparing for the release of the album he says sometimes he’s having trouble staying creative. Goosen is a full-time student at Red River College in communications. He thinks of the final product a lot to stay motivated.

This summer, he released another album, Idea of Love. This album was recorded completely by Goosen and mostly all on his laptop. He says it’s cheaper and he has more control over the final product.

You can check out his previous work here on Soundclound.

He also produced a a video for his most popular video, Step Into the Light.

You can expect the EP out in the new year. Stay tuned to The District  for all your Manitoba music news.

Manny Goosen stopped by to chat with Barney about his musical journey.

Manny Goosen stopped by to chat with Barney about his musical journey.

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