I’ve planned your long weekend for you!

No plans for the long weekend? Tired of binging on Netflix and pasta? Gather your friends and get out of the house with these great suggestions:


Friday, November 10th (yes, that’s tonight) The Good Will has a Homo Hop Dorky Dad event. There’s going to be rockin’ music all night with DJ J Jackson, DJ Louie Lovebird, and DJ Myles Cyrus. There’s also prizes for the best dressed dorky dad, so grab your dad hats and your too-short jeans!


Saturday, November 11th, The Glorious Sons are playing at The Garrick Centre. They just released their new album, Young Beauties & Fools. The album is focused on honesty as the songs follow the adventures and misadventures of songwriter, Brett Emmons. Give them a listen now and maybe check them out live this weekend!


Monday, November 13th, I recommend heading over to Wee Johnny’s for open mic night! They accept comedy, magic, dance, music, spoken word, probably anything you could vaguely considered a talent. You really never know what you’re going to get but it’s always a great time, so head down to Wee Johnny’s for a beer and enjoy the free entertainment, whatever it may be.

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