Break Through – a video series about how three men are finding their way through boxing

Tonight we had Creative Communications student Zac Easton in the studio to talk about his upcoming video series, Break Through. The series looks into the lives of three residents of Pan Am Place.

Pan Am Place is a non-profit organization that provides housing for at-risk young men. The program uses boxing workouts and community service to improve the lives of their residents. It’s located and ran by Pan Am Boxing Club in the Exchange District.

I met Zac about a year ago and within two weeks of knowing him he had convinced me to come out to his Saturday morning boxing class. It nearly killed me. Zac has been training at Pan Am Since 2014 and started working there in the last two years.

Recently he started working at Pan Am Place as well, where he helps residents make positive changes in their lives. It was this experience that inspired him to create and produce these videos.

Break Through is set to launch on Facebook, YouTube, and on in late December. The first episode follows the life of Con, who fled Rwanda after the Genocide in 1994.

If you are interested in learning more about this really cool local program then head to

And stay tuned for Break Through!

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