Your Tuesday Survival Care Package

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People say that Monday is the worst day of the week–but I would disagree, Tuesday is arguably the most tedious day of any week. It’s like, you’re in the week, there’s no turning back now, and it’s not even “hump day” as they call it. Not even half way.


Coming at you is my special little collection of things to get you through the week and feeling like a normal well adjusted humanoid:


This gif is the most sure fire way to heckin’ calm down quick

All you gotta do is breath in out as the shape gets bigger and smaller. Does wonders for me, no joke. It’s almost addictive. Breathing man. There ain’t no drug like it. This gif makes me feel better almost instantly sometimes.



This video of a terrible ketchup robot (who’s just doing the best he can) scored by the 20th century fox theme song–played even more terribly on a recorder–never ceases to make me laugh.

Or even better–this video of a dog named Geraldine that sounds like a tie-fighter.

This and more all discovered through one of my favourite reddit threads ever, “What’s the funniest YouTube video you’ve ever seen?

And last but not least:



Ok, so I’m really leaning on Reddit for my happiness here, as you may have guessed by now, but there is a subreddit called “r/GetMotivated” and it’s full of links to keep me going. Staying motivated is like driving a car, as they say, you gotta keep putting gas in the tank or you’ll get nowhere.


Keep on keepin’ on out there folks. This is your 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM host, Sean Guezen, Signing off.


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