Live Seems to Come Alive

Here at The District, we take pride in Manitoba Music.

In Manitoba, we take pride in live music, and there is something to be said about performing a song live.

When recording in the studio, an artist can take as many tries as possible, spending endless hours in the booth attempting to reach perfection. When performing live, this luxury does not exist. Everything only happens once. The performer only has one opportunity to make an impression on the fans, and that opportunity often passes all too fast.

The pressure can be immense, but without those ballsy few that are willing to throw themselves in front of the microphone, who would we shake our hips to on the weekend?

Speaking of shaking hips, and speaking of the weekend, there are a plethora of shows happening in Manitoba this weekend that deserve your attention. Take a look at Manitoba Music’s website, and check out the calendar. There you will find everything musical happening in Manitoba this weekend. GET OUT THERE


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