Five Local Brands That Will Make You a Holiday Hero

Is it just me, or is holiday shopping almost stressful enough for it not to be worth it? Malls are too crowded, you never know when you’re going to get the best deal online, and people’s tastes shift so rapidly from trend to trend that it can be downright panic-inducing.

But…getting the perfect gift for someone you really love feels SO good. I’ve found that shopping local will make people really love if you can make it look like you really hunted for it. So I’ve found five great local brands, shops, and artists that will really make your gifts stand out without the effort on your end. You’re welcome

Friday Knights

Do you have a streetwear fanatic in your life? Or someone who just really loves some of the coolest looking clothes this side of Toronto? Friday Knights has you covered. They’ve got all sorts of sweet t-shirts, shoes, and jackets. I’ve worn my toque from their every day since I’ve got it. Check out their shop in the Exchange District.

PNP Games

Video games are a re-occurring item on many folks’ Christmas lists. Why not source them locally? Not only will you be supporting local commerce, but you’ll be getting them that life-stealing video game that they’ve been wanting.

Little Feast

Stationary is always a crowd favourite. Notebooks, posters, and lovely, funny cards (oh my!). Like Friday Knights its right in the heart of the Exchange District (about a thirty-second walk actually), so why not make it a date with a friend? Lots of great food down here in the Exchange. Gotta stay fueled for the shopping!

Teri Hofford Photography

Are you big into body positivity? If you are, check out the boudoir work done by local photographer Teri Hofford. She does super cool empowerment sessions for anyone. Her work ethic and care that she puts into every shot are second to none.

Jets or Moose tickets or swag

Everyone wants a Jets or Moose jersey if they don’t already. Besides, hockey games are always a lovely time when you just want a fun night out with a friend or family member.

- Schuyler Hunt

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