Construction Season, Does it Ever End?

The City of Winnipeg released their projected construction plan and named a few roads they hope to fix next year. Among them was Portage and Main, an already contested area of the city because of the Mayor’s proposal to open the intersection to pedestrians.

Portage and Main is relatively easy to get around if you’re walking. There are tunnels underground to take you to all corners of the intersection, not to mention keep you warm and away from the windiest intersection in North America.

Winnipeg is constantly fighting a wave of construction when the ground thaws in Spring and crews come out and work all day. Having worked construction, I know how frustrated drivers can get with crews.

Please know that the workers are working with the schedules of other cogs in the machine. If a truck with asphalt is late, then the whole crew waits, they sit, they smoke and talk and that’s just part of the job. Yelling at construction workers gets you nowhere and certainly doesn’t speed up the job.

Be patient, the roads will be fixed and you’ll be slightly inconvenienced. Would you rather wait for the road to be flat or riddled in potholes and you’re spending your time in a body shop? I’m not looking forward to Portage and Main being severely slowed down next Summer either but if you plan your routes accordingly, you’ll never even notice.





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