Halloween hasn’t even passed and you know stores have employees foaming at the mouth ready to rip down the ghost and goblin decorations to replace them with Christmas lights.


It’s as though there is no pausing and reflecting on the moment – but only a focus on instant gratification. Halloween is over okay throw up those Christmas lights. On to the next big thing.


Yes, there are only 62 days until Christmas. Another year is coming to a close and suddenly your anxiety levels are through the roof. All the promises you made when you wrote that new year’s resolution list, all the days you said you’d go to the gym and go to bed earlier. There’s always next year.


The best thing about Christmas, particularly the holiday season, is that you get to spend time with the people that mean the most to you. Deadlines and stress seemingly melt away.


But then the holidays are over and your heart sinks again, causing you to instantly age 10 years but somehow that makes you feel better because you’re 10 years closer to it all being over. Happy Holidays.


Seriously though, deadlines are a good thing. They force us to stay on task and manage our time. If we get stressed about them, the stress is probably self-inflicted, meaning the assignment was left until the last possible minute. Why? Because there were better things to do, a new show to watch, wine to drink and pets to pet. Why work on one project when you can constantly receive instant gratification from multiple tasks and activities?


Long term return. The best moments in life seem to be the ones where nothing else matters. But the thing is, everything else in your life still exists, you’re just choosing to not focus on it as much, which is why you can enjoy the moments like sitting down for dinner, opening presents Christmas morning, even shovelling snow. How could you shovel snow when you’re thinking about a project that’s due in two days that you haven’t started?


This year, let’s reflect a little more on what we have, what we’ve had and what’s to come, in 2019.




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