Mid-day Memo: Episode 9

Can you believe our time together is almost over? I can’t! It’s official though, this Friday is the Mid-day Memo’s second-last show… ever. It will be a sad, but exciting day because next week we will be releasing our podcast “Leave The Light On.” It’s a podcast we’ve been working on for the last few months that explores Winnipeg’s haunted and paranormal phenomenons. You can check out the teaser by clicking here!

We still have a whole week together though, so here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve got in store for this Friday’s show:

Kaelen Bell will be hosting the hour and will be chatting with a member of the QPOC Winnipeg. They’ll be discussing this past Monday’s C2C Conference meeting, which provided recommendations on how to limit sexual/gender-based discrimination in Winnipeg.

Aidan Cloet will be letting it all out during his rant about Facebook and its consistent missteps with user privacy. It was uncovered last Thursday that over 1/5th of ALL Facebook passwords were stored in plaintext…WTF Facebook! To top it off, apparently, all Facebook employees had access to it.

Jonathan Wade might be wishing he was a kid again after learning about the Winnipeg International Children’s Festival C.A.M.P. This is a program that provides at-risk youth with fun activities during the week of Spring Break where they can learn unique circus skills like stilt-walking, unicycling, and acrobatics. His feature story will include all the details!

Christina Burridge will be live-on-location chasing turkeys… Yes, turkeys. Why you ask? Because she can, that’s why. Apparently some wild turkeys have been spotted throughout Winnipeg now that the weather has warmed up and it’s mating season.

Kayla Buehler will have the latest gossip and hopefully put to bed a rumour that the popular TV show Schitt’s Creek will be ending soon. The show has some incredible Canadian voices behind it, but apparently, that doesn’t matter, along with how tons of people are enjoying the show, producers might still pull the plug on it.

Yes I know this isn’t a photo of Schitt’s Creek, but there wasn’t one that isn’t copyrighted.

Listen to the Mid-day Memo live by clicking here!

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