10 Nostalgic Halloween Costume Ideas for You or Your Squad

Halloween is just weeks away and with it comes haunted houses, pumpkin carving parties and that mandatory Instagram post of you wearing the best costume idea you could come up with (it’s all about the likes). If you don’t have an idea yet on what to be, we’ve got you covered…

Here is a list of costumes that’ll hit you right in the feels and remind you of a much simpler time:

1. The Wild Thornberrys

A Nickelodeon classic that aired from 1998 to 2004. Eliza Thornberry and her family travelled the world in an RV with their talking monkey, which somehow made a lot more sense than their wild toddler. You could probably pull off a notable Eliza Thornberry alone (it’s all about the glasses and pigtails), or even Nigel (smashing), but if you get the whole squad on board, it’ll turn some heads on Halloween.


2. Justin + Britney + Denim = Red Carpet History

The ultimate Canadian tuxedo. You know what it is, and so will everyone else at the party. We suggest finding someone to do this costume with you, and one of you has to wear the cowboy hat. The scariest thing about this costume was that it happened sixteen years ago.



Remember The Osbournes? Not just the family, but the three-year reality TV series following the lives of Ozzy and his crazy family (except for his strangely normal son Jack). We aren’t suggesting you dress up as Jack (unless you rock a sick ‘fro), but Ozzy, Sharon and even Kelly were easily the most punk rock family of the early 2000s. Just two of you? Remember to scream about how much you want a divorce all night.


4. Napoleon Dynamite

Only Fricken’ Idiots wouldn’t recognize this costume, gosh. This costume is great if you’re single and you’ve got sick moves. If you aren’t single, bring along a Deb.


5. Blue + Steve Joe

This is basically the definition of a perfect couples’ costume. But we have a better idea. Fella’s – dress the part of your favourite detective (Steve or Joe), and then print out a ton of blue paw print stickers. Stick them on whoever catches your eye and tell them they’re a clue. Now take out that trusty notebook and crayon… and ask them for their number.


6. Him

This super villain costume is unforgettable. If you’re a little interested in dressing in drag AND have some large lobster claws lying around, then this costume is for you. Bonus points if you dress up your dog as Mojo Jojo.


7. Elle from Legally Blonde.

This costume is so easy but so iconic. Do you own pink? Then you’re already half done. Include Bruiser the Chihuahua and you’re set. What, like it’s hard?


8. Guess Who

Do they have a mustache? Are they wearing a necklace? Do they have green eyes? Are they wearing the sickest Halloween costume we’ve ever seen?

9. Furby

You can only wear this costume as long as you promise to be the most annoying person at whatever party you attend. But seriously, this costume gives you free reign to constantly shout out commands like “Me hungry! Me sleepy! Me drunk!” all night long.



Yes, this show still exists (I think?). But it’s not the same unless you’re home sick from school and you spend hours watching some of the best game shows to ever exist. This costume is easy, fun, and you’ll be the centre of attention by randomly guessing the price of everything in the room. Don’t forget your name tag.


If you’re doing a nostalgic Halloween costume this year we want to see it! Tweet us a picture of your costume to @rrcanthem and we’ll share it!

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