Mid-day Memo Episode 10: Good-bye!

This Friday marks the final episode EVER of the Mid-Day Memo. It doesn’t have to be sad, though!

Our final show will be one to go out with a bang and it will be live this Friday at noon, as usual. We’ve got a great show lined up that will include a segment from Tape & Talk reporter, Caitlyn Gowriluk of Winnipeg Free Press fame.

She will be doing her segment on a woman from Sctoland who claims she can “smell Parkinson’s.”

She said long before her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she noticed that his natural scent changed subtly, saying it was more “musty” than usual.

It wasn’t until years after his death that she linked this to the disease. Intrigued, Scientists decided to test her skill and found she was very accurate. She was correct 11/12 times.

Doctors say a simple test like this could be life-changing for the disease that is notoriously difficult to diagnose.

Read the BBC story here and listen to the Mid-day Memo, this Friday at noon to hear Caitlyn’s story and learn more about this interesting story.

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