Meet the Mid-day Memo

Hello everyone, we’d like to introduce ourselves.

We are the Mid-day Memo, a new Friday newscast you can find here on Anthem.

You may be wondering who “we” are.

We are a group of 13 Creative Communications students bringing you the what’s what (a.k.a. the latest content and news in Winnipeg).

Each week, we’ll have a new lineup of hosts and reporters. Here’s what we’ll bring you:

  • Local individuals sharing something cool that they’re up to
  • Up-to-date news, sports and entertainment
  • Rants on topics everyone can’t stop talking about
  • Analysis of interesting interviews and our opinions on the subject
  • Live on location reporting to bring you information right from where it’s happening

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Get ready! Check out the Mid-day Memo TOMORROW at noon for our opening show!

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