Mid-day Memo -Episode 5

Happy Feb. 14!

We hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine’s Day – but if not, you might be in the same boat as our very own Jonathan Wade, who’s joining us on the Mid-day Memo this week with a rant about the big business behind the consumer-centric day of romance.

What do you think: is it a sweet (if random) excuse to show the people in your life you care about them, or just another ploy to sell everything from flowers and lingerie to spa days and fancy dinners? Tune in to hear Jonathan’s take, and have your say online (find us @rrcanthem).

But it’s not all roses – we also dive into some news, arts and culture on this week’s show.

At the top of the hour, Hannah Owczar reports live on location from Festival du Voyageur, now in its 50th year of celebrating Franco-Manitoban culture. How has the annual winter festival thrived for so many years during some of our city’s coldest weeks? What’s new and exciting this year?

Feature reporter Kelsey Marcotte brings us a story on treaties in Manitoba, talking to Indigenous elder Harry Bone about the spirit and intent of the historic agreements, and how they still impact us today.

Later in the show, Christina Burridge provides some commentary one of this week’s most talked-about political issues, and Sydney Small brings you some pre-Oscars coverage. And of course, all our regular features: news, sports, entertainment and more!

Tune in to radio.rrc.ca on Friday at noon for this week’s episode of the Mid-day Memo hosted by Aidan Cloet (with a surprise interview guest early in the show TBA – keep your eye on our social media for updates!)

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