Super Smash Bros. Ultimate- The Most Nostalgic Game Of All Time

We’re a month away from the newest iteration of Super Smash Bros, and this game’s going bring everyone back to their childhood more than any game ever could… Being the biggest cross-over game in history, Smash Ultimate will speak to everyone who grew up playing on Nintendo systems.


Remember being a kid, having some friends and a few cousins over, playing Smash 64 in the basement?


Smash Ultimate’s roster is full of nostalgia. Not only will the game be bringing back EVERY fighter that has ever been in Smash Bros, but it’s newcomers are equally exciting!


Characters worth mentioning that are being added to the roster are King K. Rool from Donkey Kong, and Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series.

I’ve got vivid memories of facing off against K. Rool as a young, yellow-control-slinging, 10-year-old! Now I get to play as him in Smash?! Is this real life?!


If you were to tell me when I was 10 that there was a game where Ryu, Mario and Squirtle could all face off against each other, there’s no way I’d believe you.


A roster this extensive tells fans that the Smash Bros. team listens to fan suggestions, and are trying to make the best game possible.


Despite the new characters, new, cameo-filled campaign and other cool features, I’ll feel most nostalgia from sitting down with four of my best pals, cracking out Smash Bros., and deciding once and for all who between us is the best… I can tell you right now, it’ll be me.

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